7 Musts for a Successful YouTube Channel

YouTube is owned by Google, and it is the biggest search engine on the internet. It comes right after Google. This means that YouTube is not a platform to be ignored, especially as SEO professionals and social media managers.

A channel that is optimized is one of the foundations for successful content. Many of these optimizations are easily accomplished tasks. While some others tend to be overlooked.  Our article highlights seven musts for a triumphant YouTube channel. As easy as they might seem, we recommend that you observe them all. To learn more about these musts, keep reading. 

Seven Musts for a Successful YouTube Channel

1. Introduction Videos are key

Setting up or creating an introduction video is vital. It is an excellent way to leave a great first impression. After entering a channel, an introduction video will begin auto-playing under the channel’s banner, which is the biggest video on the screen. 


Even better, the first part of the description of the video you set will be displayed on the homepage of your channel. 


This is an excellent place to tell your viewers a bit more about you and your channel. 

2. Channel Banner

Your channel banner is the first thing that catches people’s attention when they arrive at your YouTube channel. 


A channel banner is a large banner that runs across the top of your YouTube channel page. It is used to describe the channel’s personality and brand visually. It is also known as Channel Art or Channel Header Image.


You want to ensure that this feature is activated on your YouTube channel and adequately communicate your channel’s personality and brand.  

3. Well-defined Keywords

YouTube is very similar to Google as per. It depends on user-generated signals to ascertain when to show videos and who to show these videos to. 


One excellent way to help YouTube know the kind of content you put up and who should be viewing it is by using well-defined keywords.

4. Set Your Custom URL

When your subscribers get to 100, you will be allowed to have the coveted custom URL. 


One primary reason why the custom URL is valuable is that it enables you to link your YouTube channel easily. 


People will just need to type youtube.com/(your channel) instead of making them use random numbers and strings of letters. 


Aside from the condition of hitting a hundred subscribers, you can also access the custom URL by:


* Having a thirty-day old channel

* Have put up a channel banner photo and a profile. 


After doing all of these things, you will be able to put up your URL. You can set your URL by doing the following:

* Got to YouTube Studio

* Click on Customization

* Click on Basic Info

* Fill out your preferred URL.

5. Optimized Playlists

Playlists are groups of videos that are picked and named by the owner of the channel. Playlists are an excellent way to categorize your content and give answers to all questions that concerns a particular keyword or topic.


Give titles to your playlist with the broad keyword you intend to rank for. After that, include a description that has long-tail keywords.


Any video you add to this playlist has to be related to the more prominent topic you intend your videos to rank for.  


6. ‘Connect with Me’

One crucial thing to consider is making a ‘connect with me” template to add your videos’ descriptions. 


The purpose of “connect with me” is to urge people to interact with you and not necessarily to ‘connect” with you. Some of these interactions are things like:

* Links to some of the tools that you use

* Links to online courses

* The next video you recommend your viewers to watch next

* The content you intend for them to read on your website.

* Links to your socials

* A link directing people to subscribe to your channel

* A concise description of you and your brand


7. Description

Besides well-defined keywords, your YouTube channel description is another medium through which YouTube uses to determine what kind of content you offer and who should watch them. 


Your channel description should be used to outline the subjects you will be covering in your video. You do this by using keywords that your viewers may use to search for the content you’ve uploaded. 


When writing your description, pay attention to the first one hundred to one hundred and fifty characters. Make them catchy with related keywords that would catch people’s attention. 


Do not underestimate your YouTube channel. It could be a powerful platform that would bring leads to your business. Setting up a YouTube channel is not all there’s. You want your channel to be successful, and you can achieve this by following the above 7 Musts. Doing all seven shouldn’t take you more than a few hours to complete. 


I hope that your YouTube channel will experience a lot of traffic after following the tips provided in our article.