How Should Brand Handle Negative Comments On Social Media?

While you show off the best performance on social media, people share their remarks on them. It can be both positive and negative depending on the content acceptability. We know how pleasing it is to get positive comments from the audience. However, negative comments are really not a thing to face in the business industry. There is always a trick to handle negative comments on social media. But what’s that?

Who even wants to ruin the brand image? Exactly! We all wish to get appreciated for what we post on social media. Whether it is about product promotion or talking about the ups and downs, negative comments on social media are always expected.

In this case, a brand should not lose hope and continue working with hope. In the toughest competition ever, one must know the tricks to handle negative comments on social media.

If you are here to know these tricks, then keep reading the post till the end. I will uncover the most effective tricks to bring in more positive comments and let go of the negative ones from your content.

So, let’s get started.

Tricks To Respond To Negative Comments On Social Media

1.  Ignorance is not the right policy

There is a vast difference in personal activity and brand content on social media. When you face negative comments on social media, you should respond. It doesn’t mean you have to be harsh to the audience and make yourself superior to them.

Since negative comments are a part of business, facing such issues is everything to get there. It is your responsibility to clear your position rather than ignoring and moving ahead. If you ignore, others will think the same and you will end up with nothing.

Hence, play your part and resolve the matter there and then. It will clear the misunderstanding and put a great impression on the audience.

2.  Apologize when needed

Being a brand, check if it is your mistake or not. Sometimes, an apology is required to solve the matter. It is also necessary to win the situation even if you are not wrong in the first place.

However, negative comments on social media can be responded by writing an apology. It leaves a good impression while makes you superior in the eyes of the audience.

Moreover, you should never beg for an apology in return. The humble approach is always workable in such situations to get more likeness from everyone around.

3.  False promises should not be the choice

At times, brands make false promises while handling negative comments on social media. Do you think it is the right way to get there?

False promises are never the right solution to such problems. Instead, it builds false hope and creates further misunderstandings that would be really difficult to handle.

For instance, if a customer is asking for a refund in the comments section, don’t reply back with the promise to refund if it isn’t in your policy. In fact, tell them clearly that your policy is unchangeable.

Big names like the Global B2B marketplace don’t build false hopes if such a situation occurs. You can definitely walk on the same path to be the one that the audience wishes to see in you.

4.  Be gentle to your audience

Every person has a different tone while handling a tough situation. Some become rude and harsh, while others become polite and gentle.

Not only this, but a few brands also delete such comments and move on. It again becomes a fishy scenario for other people, which might ruin the case for you.

The best practice to handle the situation is to be gentle. Even if the customer is harsh, reply politely. It will make a huge difference and the customer will come under your influence.

So, what you think is easier - being polite to the negative comments or fighting back till death?

5.  Send a creative, personalized message

Who doesn’t love to get a personalized message? And yeah, the message that sincerely addresses your point of view.

If you think the heat is increasing in the comment section, send out a lovely personalized message to the commenter. This will cost you nothing but satisfaction and trust in the customer.

So, without wasting a single more minute, get your pens ready and write a message to the one who has issues with your work. You will mark a significant image like never before.


It is not easy to handle a situation that is totally against you. But, if you know the best practices, nothing can harm your business. Follow the points mentioned in this post and the results will turn out to be the best thing ever.