B2B Online Retail Trends with BigCommerce in 2018

B2B trade is a powerful business model and BigCommerce integrates itself deeply in your business needs to provide a complete scalability.

B2B eCommerce is best business model for manufacturers or wholesale distributors. In general, it involves a supply chain between more than two companies. Every B2B retail emphasizes sales of products or services to other businesses and stands in contrast to other business models. Such online trade is contributing a lot to the global economy.

As per Frost & Sullivan, “all B2B eCommerce revenue will reach 6.6 trillion USD by 2020”

The digital transformation has affected eCommerce to a great extent. The retailers that are not investing in online channels today are more likely to fall behind among others. Without any online presence, they are set to lose customers, face shrinking profit margins, and struggle to even survive their existence. Adding to this, failing to choose a suitable eCommerce platform also contributes towards such failures.

A no. of eCommerce platforms such as Magento, BigCommerce etc. are offering a complete support to B2B eCommerce. Yet BigCommerce development provides the retailers with best of all. Some of us do not consider it necessary to gain an in-depth knowledge before choosing BigCommerce development company. It is indeed of utmost importance. Let’s see how BigCommerce is going to change the way a B2B online retail works. BigCommerce is a robust eCommerce platform that offers seamless, scalable, and highly flexible digital channel to B2B retailers. Its other benefits include the following:

  1. Customer Segmentation

Out of all business models, B2B organizations face more complex pricing and merchandising needs. For instance, price of a particular product or service may vary between its consumers. Thus, It becomes difficult to do the customer segmentation on the basis of price.

BigCommerce is a powerful and sound eCommerce platform with its various inbuilt features. It allows you to set up different customer groups. Such differentiation would allow you to organize your customers, offer them the discounted price, or abstain their access to particular product range. This way you can easily harvest the benefits of customer as well as pricing segmentation.

        2. Flexible Payment Methods

BigCommerce offers you a complete flexibility to choose from many payment methods available depending on your country or location. With this eCommerce platform, you can also choose to carry on with your existing payment methods. Other payment methods include:

  • PayPal,
  • free shipping,
  • or pay for your order offline in a retail outlet

For every B2B retailer, offering frictionless checkout and multiple payment options is quite critical. Thus, BigCommerce leaves no scope of inconvenience to your customers while purchasing from your eStore.

         3. A Wide Range of B2B Customizations

BigCommerce is a platform that can be easily extended and customized varying upon the needs of your business. It offers a plethora of extensions to do so. Ranging from your website’s design to SEO or checkout, you can modify all as per your convenience. You can take advice from any Bigcommerce development agencyregarding the use of best extension that meets your business’s requirements.

         4. Good Coding Practices

BigCommerce comes with a strong foundational code base, great API (evaluated and updated periodically). API acts as a base of your compete website’s functionality and features. Thus, B2B retailers can expand their eStore in many directions.Furthermore, Stencil version of BigCommerce community also controls the best practices.


Undoubtedly, BigCommerce is ruling the eCommerce market in every aspect over the past few years. Inconsiderate to the size of your online store, this powerful eCommerce platform is a cost-effective yet a versatile tool. Currently, it holds a network of 300+ highly trained solution partners, 260,000 existing merchants worldwide and a global ecosystem of 150,000 Bigcommerce experts to support your B2B needs.