The Occasions When You Made a Web Design Expert Think of Suicide

Reasons why most of the web design projects don't succeed

No, I am not kidding. If you really want to understand how poor web design experts think when you push them to the last limit, take a look at this infographic:

Web design expert and employer both are set to start with project

Employer comes up with few minor changes

Web design project turned out to be a complete failure

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Now, let's take a look at why this happens? How it is detrimental to your purpose as well and how you end up with a badly done web design and an unhappy freelancer?

More importantly:

Why you often give a negative review to the poor soul while they are 100% eligible to provide you design exactly as you wanted?

These are the questions that we are going to tackle in this blog post. Let us take a look at the reasons why your web design deals never soar irrespective of whether you are a buyer or a seller.


  1. Communication Gap

Communication gap is the ***ch! They said it! The Karma is a ***ch, but I think they never had a communication gap.

A communication gap is like talking to a deaf customer while you are mute from the day you took your first unfortunate breath.

Since I’ve been working with a New Jersey web design company for so long, I know that communication is the key to professional web design. When a web designer reciprocates to a work proposal and makes proper use of courtesy, there is very little reason for a deal to fail.

This is mostly a fault on freelancer’s part.


  1. Unreal Expectation

This, as the name sounds, is the fault of the employer.

If you have watched the infographic and you are done laughing and farting at the same time, I bet you will realize how big is a pain of seeing a message from a client whose web design work is done and delivered, only to find out that there is no praise let alone a tip.

All what there you find is the request to make some “minor” web design changes. Let me tell you that in freelance circles no one is made fun of as often as they make fun of a perfectionist client.

It is a pain in behind. I know how a web designer feels when they are asked to bring certain design changes that are only in the God damned mind of the client and which the client is not able to communicate properly.


  1. Unrealistic Deals

This problem and the reason why most of the web design orders never mature into sales is about unrealistic deals.

A person who is totally new into the web design business makes outrageous claims about his skill of web design, while all he can do is make some moves on some basic design programs.

An employer who cannot pay good for good work finds out a person who is willing to do good work but for peanuts, and not for a second he gives a thought to the price to quality ratio.


Final Thoughts:


I call BS and I think both of them are wrong. Either the seller will go home with zero greens in his pocket or the employer will go home with a filthy design and unpleasant scuffle with the seller.


Dear and near ones, you better avoid this web design crisis with being communicative, clear and realistic about what you do, what you need, what you can do and most importantly, what you cannot do.