Reasons why Magento Development is still the first choice in 2019?

Magento Development Services

A smooth-running website who offers great user-interface attracts huge visitors. These two attributes also lure customers for a longer time. No wonder why web stores like Coca-Cola, Ford, Olympus and many more are celebrated so much worldwide. All these online stores are recognized for their great user-experience. And this great user-experience comes from Magento Development platform they are built on. Features of Magento has resulted in a quarter of eCommerce stores across the world running on its platform.

It’s been a lot of ups and downs in the business worlds concerning eCommerce platforms but Magento stays everyone’s favorite.

Here we will be discussing the top features of Magento eCommerce development services. Check them out!

Efficient and Agile
The admin panel in the latest version of Magento enhances productivity. With this, users can easily monitor their daily activities while interacting with clients. Presence of various business tools allows users to access crucial data on priority.

Better performance
Having an eCommerce has become a need of an hour since 70% of people enjoy shopping online. Great user-experience offered by Magento results in higher conversion rates. With Magento eCommerce development a developer can cache an entire page content to achieve greater SEO ranking. This results in quick response time for websites.

Easy to check-out platform
Magento eCommerce services have a wide range of features that enable easy payment modes. Smooth payment options deliver a hassle-free shopping experiment with easy check-out. Researches have proved that Magento eCommerce development reduces the cart abandonment rate.

Safe payment gateways
Magento is a trusted web eCommerce development platform known for its tight integration with secure payment gateways. These gateways offer you secure stores. Introduction of Magento’s new feature known as payment on account is an additional bliss. This attribute allows you to set a limit defining maximum and minimum order amount.

Prevents from fraud
Magento has Signifyd to check the authenticity of a customer. Presence of this feature has made Magento the first platform that takes great measures to protect the store from any fraud attacks. This attracts multiple developers to choose Magento eCommerce development.

Advanced reporting
Magento eCommerce development services provide a feature that gives you a range of dynamics reports that is a product built carrying order and customer data. There is also an option to get a customized dashboard. You can choose between 2 Magento editions where both of them carries different functions. Both the versions are named as Community edition and Enterprise Edition. The Community Edition is free whereas Enterprise edition is advanced and priced.

Magento is not a plug and play solution but comes with tons of functionalities. This is a huge attraction making Magento and its services popular.