Brilliant Custom Trophies Creation Ideas

The most exciting types of awards are custom trophies and custom awards and anyone would be thrilled to receive either of them. These trophies can be designed in any color, size, and shape using different types of materials.

The truth is that custom award trophies can be produced using different techniques and the resulting custom trophy will be such a treasure. It could even be great if the award bears the name of the recipient. You will create the impression that the award was purely meant for them and this will improve their self-value considerably.

Apart from including the name, there are different creative ideas that can make your custom trophy the very best there can ever be. Keep reading to discover custom trophy creation ideas:



  • Design the award in a distinctive shape 


When it comes to giving your specifications to the manufacturer about the kind of award-trophy you want, you should not settle for anything less than a unique design. For instance, rectangular shapes are far too popular - a reason why you should not consider them.

Note that a custom trophy can be created in any imaginable form. You can shape your award to achieve the following:

  • Attaining the award`s purpose
  • The event, as well as award title
  • The award presentation environment plus the recipient’s character 

Choosing your color wisely is another excellent way of standing out of the crowd. You can also have your custom trophies adopt the same shape but have different colors. That way, each of the award recipients will feel that they got a unique award.



  • Integrate your brand image


 Custom trophies can incredibly market your brand. There are certain types of awards such as crystal awards that leave room for you to integrate your brand image. If you get such an opportunity, ensure that your image is bold enough and highlight it by using a bold color. 

Also, you can include your brand logo at the edge of the custom trophy or you can ask your manufacturer to put it as the trophy background. The good thing about custom awards is that you can include numerous design shapes into a single award.



  • Include relevant personal details


Apart from including the recipient's name in the trophy, how about you add other important details. Naturally, people tend to forget good gesture in no time but can never forget something bad that was done to them. Not forgetting that your reason for creating a custom trophy is to establish impressive lifetime memories but how do you achieve that?

It is simple. Just include other information like date and year, the position of the recipient in the organization and the purpose as to why you are awarding them. This will serve as a reminder for the recipient any time they set their eyes on the trophy. Such a move will carry your brand's flag high for decades to come. 



  • Include genuine appreciation message


Words are powerful especially if they are from the heart. A genuine message will improve people`s loyalty to you. This is why you have to ensure that your custom trophies bear a heartfelt message.

For instance, praise the recipient’s efforts and this will boost their morale. Ensure they understand how grateful you are and that you are a sensible person who cannot let good deeds go unrewarded. This will not only bridge the gap between you and the recipient but it will make your business their business 



  • You can add a photo


Incredibly, a real photo can also be included in your award just like the logos can. This is to make your award catchy. Here are some photo ideas to implement:

  • Recipient`s photo
  • Organizational team
  • Recipient family photo
  • Photo of the organizational structure if any

From time immemorial, photos have been used to keep good memories. If your recipients have a record of good memories they will impact the organization positively day in day out.



  • Include a quote or an organizational motto


During custom trophy creation, it's an excellent opportunity to display your organization values. You can achieve that by including a business quote or a motto and a mission if you have one. The quote should especially complement the purpose of the award.