10 WordPress Plugins - Experts Pick For Your Business Website

Success in any pursuit includes having the right blend of tools with technologies to accomplish your goals and objectives. And, if you are thinking to create a website for your business or start blogging, then undeniably WordPress web development is the right choice to succeed online.


As you know, WordPress is one of the most well-known and top-most preferred choice for Content Management System for websites. Right from bloggers to businesses, WP allows users to create and curate content easily and quickly with an easy-to-use format. Moreover, WP can accomplish what you have developed it to do and can embellish through the various tools within the platform as well.


In the present scenario, if you have a business website designed on the WordPress.org, then probably you are known with the term “Plugin” and especially the power of plugins. But, it’s always better to have a whim once again.


“Plugin is a separate module that can be plugged to a WordPress website”.


In the flooded option of tools, all you need is to improve the complete functions of your website, which can be found in the below list of 12 experts most-preferred WordPress plugins that will craft your unskippable online presence.


Following the trend, I have run the flagpole for the most popular and must-have WP plugins for WordPress website development in any niche. Here in this article, I have pocketed the vital WP plugins, especially for business websites.


So, if you are ever-ready to take your website to the next level, it’s high time to dive right in.


With over 55,000+ WordPress plugins that you can select from. This makes it extremely clobber for newbies to choose the right plugin for their website accelerated success.


  1. W3 Total Cache - “Expert’s Hot Pick”

The most frequently asked question is “Do You Want Your Business To Get Noticed”?


Supposedly, it will be a big YES!


If you want to get your business to become a popular choice across the dimensions of the business arena, the most profound secret to keep is to keep the SEO and user experience at an unmatchable level.


Here “W3 Total Cache plugin” comes in the big picture to assist you in that goal. This plugin proves a good investment, as follow:


  1. a) Make your pages render more dynamically, so there is no chance of slip-ups for losing your customer interest.
  2. b) Amplify overall website performance.
  3. c) Optimize conversion rates.
  4. d) Improvise web server performance, and a lot more.
  5. e) Last but not least, improved SEO ranking taking into count the mobile-friendly sites.


So, excited to discover more about the W3 Total Cache plugin?


Just a click, will help you discover every know-how of how this plugin can increase your bottom line.


  1. Really Simple SSL

Adhering to the foundation of trust and providing assistance to the clients and potential clients with a feeling of security and safety on the website is the highest priority for any website. WordPress development services make this a reality with Really Simple SSL to accomplish your goals.


Here is what you will be rewarded with:

a) Changing your site URL and home URL to a better and safer HTTP format.

b) Manage any issue WP might encounter with SSL.

c) Automatic fix any unsecured content present on the website.

d) Redirects incoming requests to safer HTTP formats.


These were some functionalities to address the benefits provided by this plugin, especially for the ones who visit your website with a safer experience. Moreover, it turns their confidence and trust in your brand.


So, why still sitting on the fence?


Add more security to your business website with really simple SSL plugin.


  1. WPLegalPages

While doing business, it is guaranteed to face some or the other side of legal requirements and commitments that are needed to be fulfilled. It’s no more a daunting task.


Indeed, you can simplify the process of fulfilling these requirements by harnessing the use of WPLegalPages plugin. Just have a look at what it can do for you;


a) Editing pages is easy and convenient.

b) It allows the establishment of forced pages and posts options.

c) Availability of plentiful pre-built legal templates to use.

d) Easy integration and installation to your WP website.


Find out more about WPLegalPages to help you save time and money. 


  1. MonsterInsights

“MonsterInsights” is a top choice if you are looking for a Google analytics plugin to accelerate your business quickly and dynamically. It is considered as the best choice to match the footstep with the latest market trends that too with confidence.


Here are some features that make MonsterInsight the most user-friendly and powerful Google Analytics plugin available in the market.


  • It enables Google to optimize for A/B testing along with various other advanced features.
  • It makes Google analytics enhanced e-commerce tracking with easy digital downloads and MemberPress.
  • Provide stats for each post and page with reliable page-level analytics.


So, if you want to have seamless tracking integration with your favourite plugin, then nothing fit’s better than “MonsterInsight”.

  1. WP Forms

When you are looking for a beginner-friendly contact form to enhance your online business address, nothing is more prominent than WP forms. The below written four qualities abreast the competitive edge for this plugin:


a) Editing and adapting the forms to meet your transforming needs is also supported.

b) Simple and elegant forms can be created within minutes rather than hours and even no more chaos of programming.

c) All fields and features that are needed to develop an attractive form are available at your fingertips.


Aligning with these features, make developing forms easy for your business.   


  1. Contact Form 7

Does your website use lots of forms?


If yes! Then managing, organizing, and keeping track of the information clutched from them seems something tedious. So, to help you get a better grab on to the contact forms, WordPress developers uses Contact Form 7.


Its features are as follow:


a) It braces Akismet spam filtering.

b) Simple markups can be utilized to customize forms or email contents with a great deal of flexibility.


If you don’t want your bottom line to suffer, cut your losses by making use of the contact form 7. 


  1. Google Maps Builder

Today, most of the business, along with an online presence, have a physical location which the customer needs to navigate to reach them. So, to make things easy as they walk through your door after visiting your website, you need to accomplish the Google Maps Builder Plugin on your website.


The benefits it carries are:

a) Ease of use.

b) A myriad of customization open with unparalleled user experience.

c) Precise and accurate information about locating your business.


Still, in some doubts, check out how Google Maps Builder is making it easy to increase the business bottom line. 


  1. BirchPress

Matching the footsteps with customer comfort means managing their appointments and scheduling meetings online. Utilizing plugins like BirchPress gives you a boost when all that matter is online scheduling.


The provided features are as follows:


a) Easy to embed booking forms.

b) The ability to assign various employees to different tasks.

c) Date and time configurations with customer booking options.


Therefore, partnering with WordPress Experts, along with a streamlined scheduling platform, helps in making a significant difference in online scheduling.


  1. Really Simple Click To Call Bar

In the business world, providing users with an easy and quick way to get in touch can be the subtle difference in converting your leads to sales.


Therefore, a plugin that can help enhance your odds of potential clients arranging that call is “REALLY SIMPLE CLICK TO CALL BAR”. Moreover, you reap some great benefits like:


Lead generation, restaurants, and retail stores, including some other small business that relies on the phone call, will get a significant benefit.


b) Add an easy to customize click to call the bar to your website, and it will be firmly placed at the bottom of your browser window on mobile.

c) It is easily jelled with Google universal analytics for adding events.


So, to target a higher percentage of mobile users, don’t miss calls that should have been converted to sales by adding on the really simple click to call bar. 


Rank Math - WordPress SEO

Business thumb rule states “Second is a flash in the pan”.


Stepping your website ahead to ace the top position at the first search page of Google or other search engines provides a needed upthrust to boost your business. To cement the footprints when there is such a competitive graph, all that is required is the plugin like “RANK MATH”.


This highly-rated plugin provides you with abundant features. Some to list are as follows:


  1. a) Full authority over site breadcrumbs.
  2. b) Optimizing internal linking structure to make your website a breeze to navigate.
  3. c) Provide assistance in composing important content.
  4. d) Advance site map functionality at the push of a single button.


As there is a higher chance of your business getting vanished in the multiple deep pages of the search engine, mainly if your business solely relies on websites generated sales or advertisement. “RANK MATH” helps you raise your game when it comes to on-page SEO, which assures you of higher rankings where your business services and goods are exposed to a behemoth of seekers.



Talking about an e-commerce platform, it can help or hinder your ability to quickly and efficiently streamline the sales and maximize the bottom line of your business. Using WooCommerce plugin is one way to provide a lending hand in achieving seamless e-commerce integration on your WordPress developed site.


Aligning with the right WordPress development company, you have to access the power of this plugin as:


  1. a) Offer a myriad array of purchasing options.
  2. b) Sell physical and digital goods of all sizes, types and shapes from anywhere and anytime.
  3. c) Maintain an entire control over your sales and design of your storefront.
  4. d) Free shipping to any location without any additional charges.


The best part is “efficient processing”. Especially when you feel like you are just one step away from significantly boosting the revenue your business brings in. So, it’s a worth-the-value choice to setup woo-commerce to help robustly and efficiently process the sales in your business. 


  1. Symple Shortcodes

While using a template theme to design your website, there is some item that doesn’t fit precisely and accurately with your unique and industry-specific needs, high expectations and leave you amid the hassle to add shortcodes in order to add those minimal alterations. The can of worms arises when the user think of opting for some new changes and all the codes are lost.


But don’t worry! You can prevent this from occurring with “SYMPLE SHORTCODES” plugin. Let’s have a look at some of its features.


  1. a) Visual drag and drop composition
  2. b) It is 100% GPL, either way, it’s your choice to use it or ignore it.
  3. c) With more than 24 types of distinctive shortcut options are available.


Thus, customizing your site to tick the boxes of overall brand recognization with cookie-cutter themes is a perplexing task. So, the ability to add shortcodes without fear of losing any lines of codes is an excellent solution when it comes about customizing your website.   


In The End... In 2020, your business can’t afford to turn a blind eye to a single lead. So, be sure you align with the best WordPress experts from the pioneer WordPress development company that is ready to walk the extra mile to keep you connected with the changing business world every three winks.