Website Builder Vs Website Designer - Pros and Cons

People often get confused when it comes to using the terms website builders and website designers. However, when it comes to website builder vs website designer, both are involved in the task of web development, but in very different areas. So, a builder builds the core structure of the website using complex coding languages while website designers are more visually creative focusing on the user. Every business, big or small, needs a website. Let us have a look at some of the pros and cons of using a website builder or taking help from a website designer, so you know which way to go.


Let us find out some pros and cons of website builder and website designer.:





  1. Outstanding design and creative approach

Web designing refers to both the creation of the aesthetic portion of the website and its usability. A web designer is a person who can design the aesthetics of the website. How the website would look like, what goes where and how it would look to a user.


  1. Search Engine Optimized

A professional website designer also comes with an expertise in the search engine optimization. Building a whole website does not do any good to the business unless it is optimized with the right set of keywords to show up in the search engine ranking. A website designer is the person who takes care of optimizing the website to rank it bigger on the search engine.


  1. Customization

A website designer is a person who will take care of all the products and services of your business in your website. From making sure that all your requirements are being mentioned in the website to making sure its user interface is up to the mark, a website designer is the person who takes care of all that.



  1. Not very affordable

Hiring a website designer can cost you a lot of money to make your website and it will be heavy on your pocket also. So, you might require a whole team of professionals to work on your website which would not be so affordable and that’s why hiring a website designer is not so affordable when you have a tight budget.


  1. Takes a lot of time

Creating a website or designing a website costs much as well as it takes a lot of time to understand, work upon, build, look for errors, correct them. And, longer the time it takes, higher would be the cost.






  1. Easy to Install

A website builder requires no coding and no designing. It is very easy to build a website using a website builder. You would just need to drag and drop the features you want to use for your website and in no time your website would be done.


  1. Low Budget

The one good thing about website builders is that you do not require to put in a lot of money to build your website. There are some of the website builders who even offers these services for free. And, for those who charge, there is a very nominal charge. This is the best option for small businesses or start-ups.


  1. Easy to Use

Since a website builder already has what it takes to build a website like the coding, the designing and the whole layout, it becomes easier for new businesses to build their website on such website builders.



  1. Less Creative

Using a website builder to build your website takes a step back on the creative aspect of it. You cannot expect much from a website builder when it comes to designs or layouts.


  1. Lack of SEO components

Since you cannot create a website manually, you cannot get your website in the higher search engine rankings with the help of a website builder. A website builder cannot fulfil your SEO requirements.


Bottom Line:

Considering all the pros and cons of website builder vs website designer, they both are suitable for ways more than one for a small business and for an already established business. If a website designer suits your business and you are willing to invest in web designing companies in India, you should not think of using a website builder.