7 Social Media Logo Design Rules To Follow

Logos are not limited to business cards or the websites in presence of versatile social media platforms. Name any big or small corporation and they’d surely have a Facebook fan page for their business if not a super fantastic YouTube channel. But the social media race has many arenas for these businesses other than Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

If you don’t want to lose your authority on social media then you must use your business logo the correct way on each platform. Because having an unrecognizable social presence may fail you to attract your audience on their favorite social media platform.

So, we created this list to help you understand the key rules for having a perfect social media logo. Follow them and claim back your social media authority, instantly!

Understand The Platform

From Twitter to Facebook, every platform shows the logo in a circle but you need to pay attention to the logo’s placement on each platform.

Before you lock a social media logo, you must understand the complexities that each one has in terms of size or the logo placement on the screen. Because that’s the aspect that’d dictate your branding’s success when it comes to logo selection. Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram show your profile picture on the left side (on desktop) and on top of the mobile view but other platforms such as YouTube or Vimeo have different rules to display the channel’s logo. These little details would help you in testing your logo (that we’ve covered in detail, below).

And studying the platform can help you in creating a slightly different version (that works more efficiently for your business) than using the same, standard logo that’s displayed on the website.

Keep It Clean

You’re in charge of everything on your website but you’ve to play by the platform’s rule as you enter the social media arena. Why? Because you only get a circle (or a square box on LinkedIn) to display your business logo.

Better keep your logo nice and clean!

That’s because our eyeballs are not very powerful to notice every little detail that we see through that 5-inch-long screen.

So, the rule of thumb is to use universal colors in the background in order to provide your users with a recognizable logo on social media platforms. And if you don’t want to use black or white colors, you must contrast it with your logo’s color scheme in order to maintain the pleasantness of your social media logo. Here is the complete logo color guide for you.

Rearrange The Logo

Your one-size-fits-all approach wouldn’t work on social media!

Suppose, you use a wordmark of Fernando’s Pizzeria (just for demonstration purposes) and it appears a little longer to be adjusted into a square or round shape on your social pages. You don’t need to use your logo design in the same capacity when uploading on your social media pages.

You can go with the initials or the abstract part of the logo in order to adjust the business name into the provided section on your business pages. Or you may even readjust the letter’s position according to the provided space if that doesn’t mess up with your logo’s look and feel.

Because you wouldn’t want to use a cropped logo if you opt for the primary version of your business logo.

Maintain Consistency

Some of you might be tempted to use a picture as a profile photo of your business page on social media and this is where you lose the game.

People recognize your logo first!

So, before you upload your photo on your social media pages, think about the reason you’re using social media, to get recognized as a business. And this is why you must use your logo design on your business pages, too, so people can instantly recognize your business, your brand.

You must use the same logo on your social media profiles as you’ve used on your business website to maintain the element of consistency in your branding. For your personal branding, you may create a separate page under the “Public Figure” category.

Maintain Legibility

The more advanced technology enters our lives, the more it gets tougher to maintain readability on our gadgets. And this is your next challenge to make your social media logo device ready for easy readability in order to expect quick recognition.

Consider different screen sizes and how your logo will appear in different sizes on each one when you kick off the branding of your business. And you’ll get to know the importance of maintaining the legibility of your logo knowing the uncountable places where your logo appears.

A rule of thumb is to use the abstract part, only, when using your business logo on your social media profiles.

Test Your Logo

One key rule, that is essential to be addressed here, is that you must test your logo on all the social media platforms before you upload them on your business page.

That’s because you won’t want to use a logo that fails to provide the wow feeling that it creates on your website. So, testing allows you to ensure if it fits perfectly to your social media avatars or if there is a need for some tweaking in the design. Once you make sure if it is perfect to be uploaded on your social media profiles, you can proceed with confidence.

Use Right File Size

One last but essential social media logo rule is to know the accepted file format on each platform.

Usually, you can use the JPG format to upload your logo on the social pages representing your business but there’s a better way, too. Instead of using JPG, try uploading the PNG file format in order to expect hi-res picture quality on all devices and avoid the compression’s side effect that may disturb your logo’s picture quality.

We hope these essential rules would help you in uplifting your branding standards via a consistent online image and uniform social media logos. Go ahead, reconsider your branding plans, and make quick fixes to make your social media profiles perfect using this useful list.

Comment below and let us know what more social media logo rules do you follow for a better branding approach?