Word Press Security Tips For Web Designing

The popularity of Word press is still soaring among web designers and developers because it is very convenient to customize word press CMS in to a feature rich sophisticated website. Website security has been of top priority while the design and development of a new site. Most of the content management systems have inherent security loopholes which can be eliminated by deeper insight and knowledge on the side of the web designer.

Word press is the open source CMS which can be customized and developed in to a fine website with a great set of features. Word press can be directly installed on the host server or in your local machine. It provides various features for user management, user profiles, dynamic page generation and also supports easier installation and upgrading to the latest versions.

Word press security tips

Is word press providing enough security controls in offering secure web solutions? Conducting a deeper analysis will help the designer to provide effective and efficient website Integration for e-commerce ventures. The following are some security tips which can be taken care by the designer for better and secure results:

Pixel perfect graphics:
The use of graphical elements in a website should be done in a balanced manner to achieve maximum aesthetics as well as traffic rate. The logos or headers included in the main page shouldn't be too loud and bold. The optimum range for headers is 100 to 150 pixels strong.

Strong password:
The word press administrator profile should have a strong password which should be encrypted in the log file. Strong password generation is possible through encryption solutions. It is also wise to create a new user profile and deleting the usual “admin profile”

Backup data:
Keeping a backup data of the entire site is always recommended as it gives a safe bet in all situations. The server machine and the local host can have the backup data.. If in any case, you have to move your site to another host, then this backup process will help you do it faster, saving precious time and money.

Display only precise information:
By default, all the CMS display some error messages, in case something happens wrong. For the regular user, these messages are really unnecessary. So , it is a better option to prevent the display of such unnecessary information in your word press site. You can achieve this easily by making necessary changes in the functions.php file in the wp-content directory.

Enable SSL usage:
Secure socket layer is the protocol for managing the security in message transmissions in the internet. Securing a word press site by mandatory use of SSL helps in data security. If your host server is supporting SSL certificates, then you can force SSL by adding the necessary code in the wp-config.php file.

Protect wp-config file:
All the confidential information like user name, passwords etc to access your database is stored in the wp-config file. So wp-config file should be protected and encrypted by rewriting the .htaccess file.

Remove the version number:
Generally, word press displays the version number by default if you have developed a blog site out of word press themes. All these are vital information from the security perspective. So, removing the version number helps in secure web transactions.