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Benefits of Outdoor Advertisement

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by Lawrence Bishop
August 30, 2016

Lawrence Bishop

The Author has worked for many years in a vehicle wrap company that is specialized in car signs. He has written various blogs on vehicle graphics and wrapping. For outdoor media, he recommends Forerunner signs and graphics. For more information visit ForerunnerSigns.com

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Advertising a business is a time consuming task. It may involve consulting an ad agency and investing high rates in a one year plan that is designated by people whom you have never met. On the other hand, you could use your vehicle as a billboard. A well designed graphics for vehicles can turn them into a year round advertising machine. Vehicle advertising has become one of the effective forms of advertising right now.

Do you know that Americans spend about 20 hours per week in their car? Among them 91% notice the advertising on vehicles and 35% actually observe these advertisements closely and more than half of them admit that when they see them, they perceive the company as successful. Vehicle graphics create or increase the awareness of a product, event, business and service. Whatever the advertisement might be, whether a simple logo or a full coverage billboard style wrap on your vehicle, it can definitely turn heads. Therefore the brand is recognized and the growth of the business is increased.

The many advantages in having vehicle advertisements are given here,


Truck side advertising can produce about 40,000 to 60,000 impressions per day depending on the city and the population size. It can make your company reach its targeted audience. An advertised vehicle around a local area can dramatically increase the awareness among the people who live, work or attend school nearby. Parked vehicles can attract the attention of pedestrians both in urban and local setting.


They can be used for both long term advertising and short term promotions. You would have the total control on the style and design of the graphics. It can also be easily replaced or updated. High quality vehicle graphic materials can be easily removed at the end of the promotion without any damage to the car.


Unlike other media options such as radio, bill board or TV, this works for you all year round and they can last longer. It reaches the Outdoor customers who are less exposed to newspapers and local Television.


There are plenty of restrictions for bill board placements, rates and timings. But a mobile billboard breaks free of all of them in a great way. Also, most of the audiences targeted are likely to earn more income and have children.


It is very cheap when compared to other forms of advertisement by having a predictable fixed cost.

By having an outdoor advertisement using vehicle graphics, you can easily shift your sales growth into high gear.


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