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10 Tips To Make Your Video Go Viral

Make your video go viral with these 10 simple tips.

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by Brian Morris
February 05, 2013

Brian Morris

Brian Morris writes for the PsPrint Design & Printing Blog. PsPrint is an online commercial printing company. Follow PsPrint on Twitter @PsPrint.

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Back to reality: The chances of any single video going viral are slim, and the chances that a video manufactured just for that purpose are even slimmer.  That doesn't mean shooting a video that goes viral is impossible; it happens all the time.  And while most videos achieve viral status with a lot of luck and no measurable explanation, there are established strategies you can employ to vastly increase the chances of your video going viral. 

1. Stir Emotion

Stirring emotion is critical for a video to achieve viral status.  Videos that are touching or sentimental, funny or cute outperform those that are none of those things.  It's why watching cats scare the hairballs out of each other is an Internet phenomenon, and why Dollar Shave Club's introductory commercial achieved viral success.

2. Be Unique

Viewers crave something different, not the same videos recycled with different subjects.  Don't repeat content; but it's OK to repeat style.  You can, however, use the same basic hooks when it comes to sequel videos; that's what made the Terry Tate Office Linebacker videos so popular.  People love watching linebackers lay NFL hits on office workers, over and over again.

3. Be Useful

Another strategy for making videos viral is to add value.  Useful videos or videos that reveal special offers can go viral.  However, usefulness is best when used in combination with emotion. 

4. Tell A Story, Make It Interactive

Any salesman worth his salt will tell you that customers remember stories.  Use your video to tell an entertaining or meaningful story, and you'll be on the fast track to success.  Some experts advise keeping videos short and simple, but when you tell a story the sky is the limit.  Case in point:  Hell Pizza, which launched a series of interactive videos on YouTube about delivering pizza during a zombie apocalypse. If you can similarly engage your customers with a story-telling, interactive video, you stand a better chance of going viral.

5. Get Your Timing Down

While it's true you can promote videos at any time, strategic timing will help get your video noticed.  Avoid going up against stories that dominate the news, such as elections, natural disasters and the Super Bowl (that is, unless your video has to do with those stories).  Also, if you can time your video to coincide with current trends, all the better. 

6. Share with Journalists and Bloggers

It's not difficult to find email addresses for popular bloggers and journalists in your industry.  Take a moment to share your video with them.  Even if just one publishes a story about your video, it can have huge repercussions.

7. Distribute a Press Release

Send a press release to industry outlets, both online and off, and make sure it's search engine optimized to help generate more views from searches.

8. Promote Sharing In-Video

During the video, ask viewers to “like” and “share” your video with their friends.  You can use a simple text or button at the bottom of the screen to do this. A powerful call to action here can yield hundreds or even thousands of more views, and spawn a viral sensation.

9. Promote in Social Media

Your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn profiles are great places to share your video.  Also consider promotions on Facebook, which can allow you to reach thousands of potential viewers for cheap.

10. Promote in Print

Stickers, flyers and banners are cheap to print.  Promote your video on them and distribute them in high traffic areas and places your customers frequent.  Use a QR Code or other mechanism that allows viewers to watch your video from their devices with an instant scan. 


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