KDPaine & Partners breaks public relations measurement cost-barrier with new low-cost fully customizable PR measurement tool

Durham, NH - (PromotionWorld) - October 26, 2004 - The first fully customizable low-cost PR measurement tool, the Do-It-Yourself Dashboard, was launched today by KDPaine & Partners. The DIY Dashboard is designed to make effective public relations measurement affordable to every organization.

With a starting price of $50 a month, the system enables organizations to completely customize PR measurement to their specific needs and generate a communications dashboard with the metrics that they need to demonstrate their success. The DIY Dashboard combines a web-based application with professional consulting to enable corporate communications professionals to produce their own customized dashboards.

"Corporate communications and public relations professionals have been telling us for years that the reasons they aren't measuring their results is because they can't afford it. Now they can. By combining our consulting expertise with an easy to use, customized and affordable system, we feel we've overcome the price barrier to effective public relations measurement," explained Katie Delahaye Paine, CEO of KDPaine & Partners.

The DIY Dashboard system starts with an in-depth consultation with KDPaine & Partners to define the specific metrics that the client needs to track. KDPaine & Partners developers then customize the application to produce data based on those specific metrics.

"The system is incredibly flexible. If you have your own clips, you can start entering data right away and produce a performance report in minutes. If you don't have the clips, you can import data from Factivam Nexis, CustomScoop, Cyberalert or any other XML feed. You then code the clips and instantly produce the requisite charts. Whether you are getting just a few clips a month, or thousands, the DIY Dashboard can grow with your needs," explains Paine.

Because the DIY Dashboard is an Internet-based application it can be instantly accessed anywhere in the world. So, for companies with overseas operations, DIY Dashboard guarantees that everyone in the organization is using the same metrics and same methodology to measure success.

The DIY Dashboard was developed by Oliver Gaudissart, Chief Technology Officer of KDPaine & Partners LLC. Gaudissart and Paine have been developing measurement systems together since 1989. For more information go to Do-It-Yourself Dashboard or call 603-868-1550 for a demonstration.

KDPaine & Partners is dedicated to ensuring that public relations and corporate communications executives around the world have the information and knowledge they need to measure the success of their efforts. The firm's web site, Measures of Success, is designed to be a comprehensive, one-stop resource for the measurement and evaluation of marketing and public relations programs. KDPaine & Partners also publishes The Measurement Standard, the international newsletter of public relations measurement, and the One Minute Benchmarking Bulletin, a free monthly newsletter on performance measurement.