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Google Analytics Gets New Features:
Intelligence Engine, Custom Alerts, Mobile Reports & More

October 21, 2009

Search engine giant Google has revealed that they will be rolling out a number of new features for Google Analytics in the coming weeks. According to Google, the features will make Google Analytics more powerful, flexible, and intelligent.

Analytics Intelligence
Google has introduced an algorithmic driven intelligence engine to Google Analytics. This feature will provide automatic alerts of significant changes in the data patterns of your site metrics. Thus, you'll be able to identify sudden, unusual changes in traffic patterns, detect the issue and react more quickly. You can set daily, weekly or monthly alerts in accordance with your needs using different metrics.

Engagement Goals
You can now set two new goal types: Time On Site and Pages Per Visit. They will help measure user engagement and branding success on your site. What's more, you can define up to 20 goals for profile. Watch the video on goals to learn more.

Mobile Reports
In order to help you better measure your mobile marketing efforts, Google Analytics now tracks mobile websites and mobile apps. So far, you can only track you site usage in mobile devices that can run JavaScript in the browser. Now, for phones that don’t have JavaScript tracking possibility, Google introduced a code snippet for users to add to their mobile sites that will track the usage. Currently PHP, Perl, JSP, and ASPX sites will be supported.

"iPhone and Android mobile application developers can now also track how users engage with apps, just as with tracking engagement on a website," says Dai Pham of the Google Analytics Team. "What's more, for apps on Android devices, usage can be tied back to ad campaigns: from ad to marketplace to download to engagement."

Advanced Table Filtering
Google also introduced Advanced Table Filtering, allowing you to filter the rows in a table based on different metric conditions. Watch the video to see how you could filter thousands of keywords to identify just the keywords with a bounce rate less than 30% and that referred at least 25 visits.

Google says that they will share more detail on the new features in the coming days on the Google Analytics Blog. Over the next weeks, you can expect to see the new features gradually appearing in your Google Analytics account.


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October 21, 2009
Comment by SEO Melbourne

A great post about the new features of Google analytics. Good to see that Google is still improving some of their best products...

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