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SEO Week in Review

by Milena Sotirova
February 25, 2005

This week, the search engine marketing agency icrossing presented its clients with its 2nd Annual "Greatest Education in Search" in conjunction with the FBR Phoenix Open this month.

icrossing and Overture executives, marketing professionals from leading brands, and research analysts shared best practices and insight into how to most effectively leverage the medium of search.

"The event was an excellent opportunity to learn from industry leaders and share best practices among leading internet marketers," says Dex Media Senior Marketing Manager Tim Williams, who attended with two colleagues.

The interactive mix of presentations, roundtables, and discussions, included:

• Keynote addresses from icrossing CEO Jeffrey Herzog and Overture Senior Director of Strategic Alliances Dan Boberg

• "The State of Search Today" by several members of icrossing's management team

• Analysts from leading research firms discussing the future of digital media and search

• Six case study roundtables where clients shared their search engine marketing experiences

"What always strikes us is how passionate our clients are about what they do," says icrossing President Jeffrey Pruitt.

This week was SEO Book launched affiliate program. It will be integrated with site wide purchase options and allow affiliates to target traffic to various locations within the site. In addition webmasters receive a free $20 bonus when signing up to join the SEO Book affiliate program.

The SEO Book is a current ebook which helps webmasters learn how to promote their websites in search engines such as Google, Yahoo!, MSN, and Ask Jeeves using the latest search engine optimization techniques.
Another SEO firm Bizresearch released techniques to track the effectiveness of retailers' online marketing programs.

The program will be presented by Laura Thieme, president of the Columbus-based company at the Search Engine Strategies 2005 Conference and Expo.

Thieme, a frequent speaker on search engine marketing strategies, will talk on "Dynamic Web Sites" at the New York City Hilton Hotel March 1 and 2.

Thieme will refute claims that search engines cannot crawl database driven websites and will describe how minor website changes can work with Google, Yahoo and MSN to index and display websites for hundreds of keyword phrases.


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