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Four Ways Using Pinterest Can Improve Your Search Rankings

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by Hannah Whittenly
August 02, 2013

Hannah Whittenly
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When people are thinking about how to improve their search engine rankings, they often forget one of the newer social media moguls – Pinterest. Using Pinterest properly can improve your visibility among various search engines and increase your overall search engine ranking. Read on to learn four tips that can help you use Pinterest effectively to improve your web traffic.

#1 – Tag Your Pins

In order for people to find your pins, use tags to describe them. One tag to consider is the hashtag, or #. Hashtags on Pinterest are similar to those found on Twitter or Facebook. Add hashtags to the description of your pin, using tags like #diy, #kidcraft, or #garden to describe the pin. Another tag that can be useful is the @ tag. This lets you tag other pinners. This can help you to build a bigger audience as well as increase the chances for getting re-pinned.

#2 – Be Visual

Pinterest is all about looking good. When pinners are browsing Pinterest, the main focus of any pin is the picture. This means you will need to rely on great pictures and images in this form of search engine marketing. Consider using your own photographs or images when available, and ensure they are colorful, aesthetic, and attention grabbing. Try to make sure that your image accurately tells people what the pin is about.

#3 – Use Pin It! Buttons

If you are trying to drive more traffic to your website, add Pinterest's Pin It buttons to the pages. These buttons allow your viewers to pin a page of your website to Pinterest. This is a great way to get your website content onto the Pinterest website. Ensure your page has a good image for the pin, and place the Pin It button in a prominent location. Once the button is in place, you will be able to see how many times people have pinned your webpage.

#4 – Create Descriptions

While the image is important, pinners will also want a description that tells them more about your website and the pin. Update your profile with relevant information that will give readers an idea of what they can find on the website. Use search engine optimization rules when filling in the description. You will also want to use keywords in the descriptions for the individual pins.

When used properly, Pinterest can be a great tool for driving website traffic. Optimize your Pinterest account using the above tips to increase your search engine ranking.


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