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How Videos Can Help in Your Brand Promotion?

You might have heard, “Content is King”. But video demonstration of anything can bring more visibility than texts or audios

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by Jose Barreiro
February 17, 2016

Jose Barreiro

This article is written by Jose Barreiro who is an author at SHMONG Marketing. He is an experienced Digital Marketing Expert who loves to spread his expertise through articles and blogs.

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Gone are the days when video marketing was a promotional tool reserved for those big brands who could afford to shoot commercials ad films for promotion on televisions. With the advent and ease of technology and the DIY tools, even small and medium-scaled businesses now have access to a large audience and can create videos using affordable ways for promoting themselves and better engage with their customers.

Why is video marketing so hot?

“Viral Videos are not just about being funny. They’re about identity creation”.

Check out these stats that are self-potent in explaining the importance of Video Marketing.

People are hungry for information today, however they want it fast. Hence, they’d prefer spending 2-3 minutes watching a video relevant to the information they want than to spend 15-20 minutes reading some article. In addition, videos also help marketers and businesses in delivering their key points to their target audience in very little time interactively.

Another plus point when it comes to using videos for business promotion and expansion is that these can not only be placed on your website but can also be placed  anywhere on the Internet to get maximum web exposure! YouTube is the best example to prove this point with over 1 billion people using YouTube today.

Imagine any individual from your local area while searching for your type of service on Google …and suddenly your company video pops up! It is quite obvious that he/she will click on it immediately for more info.

Above all, videos can be easily optimized to top rank of search engine results, giving your business an instant exposure to millions of potential customers.

Super Easy Ideas to Promote Your Business with Videos 

#1 Answer Your Customer’s Biggest Queries

Businesses often create FAQ page on their website to solve various queries of the customers they’re likely to face over and over. But, how about creating a video for the same?? Whether your business has a service or product to sell, using videos to effectively answer those queries can not only help endorse your business but also offer a way to field those queries for your customers in a more attractive and shareable way. For instance, if your business has a product “Microwave oven ”you can create a ‘HOW-TO’ video to explain your audience how to use the product including all the common queries.

#2 Bring Testimonials for Life

Testimonials are the best way for your users to learn about your business reputation and the reliability of your products and services. As such, many businesses use written testimonials on their websites. However, if you want to create more interest and truthfulness, create videos of real customers being interviewed or invite them to upload their own videos using your products.`

#3 Show Off a Product

If you really want to tell your customers what your products are actually like and what they’re made up of, video is the best way. You can also show off the ways in which your product can be used. For example: 3doodlerstart.com has the product that is a pen with the help of which you can draw in Air, it is kind of 3D art.

#4 Share Industry Expertise

You can use video to provide commentary on industry news, or to offer detailed information about your industry. This can help build your reputation and can form a key plank of any your business public relations efforts. You can also share the interview which you have conducted with the influencer of your niche.

#5 Create Your Own Whiteboard Animation

If you have a long piece of video that you’re unable to share with the world, you should use WHITEBOARD animation video. Beginning with a black screen, you yourself can fill it with texts, sketches and drawings to convey an engaging story about your services and products. And what’s good about these videos is that everything moves at an attractive pace allowing you to create longer videos regardless of worrying about the fear of losing your audience.

#6 Upload New Videos Regularly

It isn’t easy to build a regular audience for your videos, but can give a big boost to your business prospects. It is a great idea to create new videos frequently and encourage more people to subscribe via your YouTube channel. For Example: Rand Fishkin updates Moz blog with its new videos which always generated curiosity among the readers to check there website again and again.

So videos can become a secret weapon for your brand promotion.


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