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Take the Lead in Better B2B Email Marketing

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by Dave Thomas
February 19, 2016

Dave Thomas

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In the world of B2B email marketing, the best strategy is having one in the first place.

Whether you have been in business for years or are just getting your feet wet in the business world, it is critical that you start things off on the right foot.

With that being the case, where is your B2B email marketing game at in early 2016?

If the answer is not really going anywhere or you simply do not know, there is still plenty of time to get in the game.

Strategize and Go to Work

In order to set the wheels in motion for a solid B2B email marketing approach, remember to lay the foundation so these campaigns will work.

Do that by taking a look at:

  • What do you want out of this? – For starters, what goal or goals do you want to achieve from B2B email marketing? Getting leads is great, but how good they are matters even more. Acquiring email lists on Lead Roster or another such provider will help you attain not just leads, but higher quality ones. Also look at how email marketing will assist you in building more brand recognition. If you’re a smaller business, you already know the challenges that sometimes await, that is getting your voice heard among the bigger competitors who oftentimes have more resources and more revenue with which to play with. You can achieve greater brand recognition by going after targeted leads, leads that hopefully view your brand as authoritative in your respective industry;

  • Forming relationships – Being successful in the business world ultimately boils down to building relationships, something which high quality leads can help in opening doors for your brand. Some companies struggle in this area, not having the right tools in place to begin and continue nurturing these relationships. Long-term B2B relationships have a better chance of succeeding when you truly know and understand your audience. Zeal Caiden, co-founder and CEO of American Marketing Ventures (AMA), was instrumental in forming a new marketplace called Lead Roster. The website allows companies of all sizes to sell their current contract lists to other companies, giving them the ability to share data and generate “found money” by monetizing lead lists that in fact no longer provided value. This helps companies in targeting new potential leads in a faster and easier manner. “We had these email lists lying around from our B2B cold email campaigns. Everyone who practices ‘predictable revenue’ does. One day I realized we could just share these lists and provide a ton of value to other companies who sell to the same industries,” Caden pointed out.

  • Zeroing in on your leads – You can have myriad of leads, but if 90 percent of them are old and ineffective, do they really serve a purpose? Segmenting your leads into different groups will help you zero-in on those likeliest to do business with you. Such individuals/companies are those that have demonstrated an interest in your brand in the past, including coming to your website or social media pages, downloaded material from your website (blog posts, newsletters, white papers, podcasts etc.), or reached out to you via email or even in-person at networking events;

  • Turn to automation – Finally, make your B2B email marketing campaigns easier and more effective by turning to automation. This simply means having the right software in place to manage the campaigns, allowing you to direct which emails go out to which targeted individual in a carefully created manner. Another benefit of automation is that you can follow up with a call to action, allowing you to have additional contact with the intended target.

If your business has been slow to B2B email marketing up to now, think twice about such decisions.

Whether you’ve not had the time to properly run B2B email marketing campaigns or have not had the proper people in place for such tasks, you need to take another look at the benefits such campaigns can offer your business.

With B2B email marketing only expected to continue growing, it certainly makes sense for your business to take the lead in having the best campaigns possible.


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