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Top 10 Email Marketing Strategies in 2017

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by Tech Social
March 24, 2017

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The email marketing industry can be regarded as something more than unpredictable. Therefore, the professionals consider availing various strategies that would make email as one of the most powerful digital multichannel strategies that would work well for the financial marketers. For the best online marketers, email marketing as regarded as the most popular choice that would efficiently enable then to avail their go-to marketing attribute. This software usually offers packages that are concerned to offer various simple tools to help the marketers to expand their business.

Irrespective of the size of your business, either big or small, the email marketing course can certainly assist you in your business expansion. Periodic emails and newsletters are real good sources that would assist you to circulate information among your loyal customers. You can always choose to keep them updated of all that is in trend into the business genre. This would also help you to expand your contact list and the marketers would definitely get a chance to attract all the new customers with deals and discounts being offered via emails.

Extensive features of email marketing service:-

  • Bypass all the spam filters
  • Target the requisite demographics
  • Improve the effectiveness of the emails while its creation

Key features of the service:-

  • Provision for high-quality e-learning content available
  • Available workbooks or exercises that is easily downloadable
  • Online quiz for easy and methodical progress
  • Practice tests
  • Regular topics allotted on the terminologies and strategies related to email marketing
  • Comprehensive email marketing course with the availability of up-to-date contents

Grow your audience:-

A majority of these email marketing programs are dedicated to enabling the growth of the audience with different sign-up forms in order to host the deals via the website, social media pages as well as through blogs. You can also confirm the values to ensure if you have been reaching out to the right audience. An auto-unsubscribe option is also mentioned along with each of the email that helps candidates to opt out in case they do not need the emails. You can also categorise your audience by their regions or cities and other demographic information.

10 Best email marketing services:-

  • MailChimp offers responsive templates, reports and various sign-up forms at the least expense. They also work with contact list management service like that of the Salesforce.
  • An unlimited number of plans with affordable plans are greatly offered by VerticalResponse. The pricing plan starts the lowest for a list of fewer contacts, as low as around 500.
  • Email volume matters. Pinpointe offers the lowest priced plan with a contact list of around 5000 contacts and that would set up a limit of 40000 emails in a month.
  • Benchmark offers a great free plan up to 2000 subscribers or around 14000 emails in a month.
  • Mad mini is another popular marketing service growing in terms of popularity among the financial marketers.
  • Campaigner manages a constant contact with all the customers by filtering the spam, thereby, confronting the whole job without any issue.
  • iContact is well rounded and is specifically suited for most of the beginners and experts due to easy tooling options and a plethora of options available along with.
  • Constant Contact is amazingly useful to the businesses that host events. It also has an ability to manage event registration.
  • GetResponse offers unique tracking solutions as well as marketing recommendations.
  • Active Campaign offers an amazing feature to send emails sporadically.

Solutions offered by email marketing services:-

  • Marketing does never need to be expensive, yet basic plans and tactics are the sole keys that dictate the efficient expansion of any business. Pricing plans need to be dealt with ample management.
  • Review your pricing ventures based on the size of your contact list.
  • The email campaign agreed on the terms of email volume to limit the number of emails you send based on the length of your contact.
  • Flexible pricing plan
  • Enterprise level volume is a feature of the email companies that is offered with the arrangement of a suitable custom quote.

Without a well-equipped management system, creating and managing those emails may appear to be a daunting task. However, the email marketing services have made the whole job easier than before and they are also available at various affordable outputs.


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