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Learn How to Become a Digital Nomad

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by Carissa Melvin
May 17, 2017

Carissa Melvin

Carissa Melvin works as a Digital Media Specialist at Craftive Studio. She has a young and passionate personality and likes her work. She is best in bringing up creative ideas and creating social media engagement for the followers.

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Over the last few years, the stagnant lifestyle has moved to freedom lifestyle. The trend of working in a cubicle is revolutionized to work while traveling. There are many entrepreneurs, designers, developers who are so obsessed with their work and can work anywhere around in the world.

I started my career as a freelancer and did multiple design projects before getting employed as a full-time employee. I never made my surrounding a hurdle for my work and with my iPad or a laptop, I worked at any place at any time.

Digital Nomads are Productive Travelers,

If I share my story, I became a digital nomad in May 2015 with an idea to work remotely. The time changed when I became the marketing face for my company, and I had too much more responsibilities that made me work remotely, but more within a team.

Here are few skills that a digital nomad must have,

Creative Thinking:

Some designers only work in their design shells with a comfort zone, but a nomad designer adapts to every changing environment. Creativity is the essence of every design project they do. Turning out simple ideas into beautiful designs is what professional designers do.

Start with less money:

One of the best thing about a digital nomad is, you do not need to invest money in setting up your physical setups. When I started my work as a motion marketer, I not only worked but also explored different destinations without putting in money for building a workplace at everywhere I travel.

The Bad Side,

The adverse effect that I felt being a digital nomad was not able to stay for an extended time at a place, being homesick I had to come back to my hometown in Dallas every 2 to 3 months. It is nice to be a digital nomad, but my experience did not take me to a permanent nomadic.

Advertise Yourself:

If you can work anywhere, you are much smarter than others. Promote yourself with the professional skills you have, make use of it anywhere anytime and be creative. While exploring the world and working at the same time, you tend to acquire new skills with your self-experience and self-study which can lead you to a more successful person than others.


Why don’t you get few testimonials from the clients for whom you have worked? It helps in building credibility for your upcoming projects.  Word of mouth are much more efficient than advertising yourself on your own.

Organize Yourself:

A smooth workflow tends to be more understandable and accepted. No matter, whatever work you do, either you are a freelancer, marketer, professional web designer or a custom logo designer, you need to organize your every single step especially when you are a motion designer.

Learn few organizing tools to get your work organized in a systematic way. Preferably the tool I use on my iPad is,

1. Things:

Use Things, It is a productive task manager that manages, organizes your tasks and creates a steadiness between your personal and professional life.

Why I prefer using it because the Things Cloud syncs my updated to-dos across all the devices I use. It makes an ease for me in managing my work remotely, and I no longer miss any meetings and deadlines. I get notified for all my scheduled tasks which make my job more professional and done timely.

2. Parallel Access

The other app that I use is Parallel Access, with access to my applications and files, I get a secure connection to all my work with any device I use,

How to use it?

With my secure parallel account, I get a secure connection, to all my other devices and can quickly look for files, locate and navigate them to the device I use. With this app, I do not need to carry my devices all the way with me; the single account helps me a long way to be a pro at my work.


I hope the article has helped you in the possibilities of becoming a digital nomad. Start and explore it! I was bit nervous when I decided to step out of my work shell, but it turned out to be good with the experience and the apps that I use. Don’t feel scared of stepping ahead, don’t think it in a way that you are a motion designer, keep a thought of being a pro in whatever project you do and excel in it.


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