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5 Key Factors That Determine SEO Success in 2017

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by Raymond Howell
May 18, 2017

Raymond Howell

Raymond Howell is an expert business writer, with over 17 years of experience in helping emerging brands across the USA and Canada. He is a consultant with https://www.sandcrestseo.com/denver-seo/ for the last three years and resides in Pueblo, Coloradowithhis family.

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By now, most SEO professionals have become used to the ever changing algorithms that are imposed by Google. Regardless of how small these changes might be, they can have a significant impact on the rankings of any web page. What SEO experts suggest is that while it is still important to stick to the basics, there are a lot of different factors that might play deciding roles in 2017. If you’re still thinking about gaming the system today, your efforts will most likely lead to failures. It is crucial, now, more than ever, to find the right balance between trying to ‘sell’ and enhance the user experience. 

Depending on whose advice you’re willing to take, you will get various tips to implement newer changes to your current SEO strategy. Whether you are a business owner looking to hire the right SEO team or a professional who is trying to help clients achieve more, there are some things you should know. There have been four Google algorithm updates within Q1 of 2017. The focus is on an overall seamless and high-quality user experience and engaging content that creates value for your visitors.

If you are a business owner or an SEO professional, these major factors can play a deciding role in SEO 2017.

1. Authority and age - The age of a web page and the authority of its brand are interrelated and very much relevant to SEO in 2017. So, the older websites that were indexed earlier get an initial upper hand against the newly indexed pages.

2. Content still matters a lot - When it comes to web page content, mainly text content, it has to be of a high standard and cannot be spammy at any cost. Duplicate, spam or spun content can put your efforts to waste. Have a word with experts associated with https://www.sandcrestseo.com/denver-seo/ to know how they help clients develop unique and engaging content.

3. Go visual if you already haven’t - Attractive imagery and short, entertaining videos are quite popular now, and will continue to be for the future. Hence, utilizing creative visuals can make a positive impact on your rankings.

4. Focus on quality - Quality is the key to rank high. Therefore, the quality of your web pages and their content are quite crucial. Right now, it is not that beneficial to focus on quantity, as piling on more content very frequently, may not give you the desired results.

5. Larger content - Try to get quality content written that’s closer to the 2000 word mark. At the same time, your 2000 word content can’t be a filler and has to be genuine, relevant, and engaging.

These are some tips that can be of use, if you are looking to get results from your SEO efforts in 2017.  


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