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5 Reasons PPC Campaigns Can Boost Your Company’s Profit

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by Amanda Green
June 15, 2017

Amanda Green
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Pay per click advertising is one of the most common and effective ways of putting your business on the map. Thousands of businesses have benefited from PPC campaigns, and the proof is in the profits. According to C1 Partners, a PPC management agency in Denver, customers could  lower their cost per customer acquisition by up to 90% with a well-planned PPC strategy.

With such high upside, business owners should take advantage of the opportunity to increase both brand awareness and profits. Here’s how PPC campaigns can work in your favor:

1) You get in front of the most relevant customers.

This is one of the biggest appeals of starting a pay-per-click campaign. There are very few places where you can decide what type of customer you want to attract. When it comes to attracting the right audience, there’s plethora of potential. You can build your campaigns to fit dozens of variables and hundreds of different combinations.

PPC has more granular targeting methods than any other type of marketing. Target your audience by location, demographics, and most importantly, what they’re searching for. Before you begin your campaign with a thorough understanding of your target audience. You can create buyer personas to help keep track of all the details. If you’re working with a digital marketing agency, they’ll be able to help hone in on all the minor details that make a big difference.

2) Get valuable insight about your business.

The analytics gleamed from pay-per-click campaigns are invaluable to your long-term business plan. These metrics will help you not only improve your AdWords campaign, but show you what consumers are looking for. Perhaps you thought one keyword phrase would be the defining money-maker, and discovered different after checking out your PPC metrics. You might learn that a large part of your customer base comes from a particular city or state. These analytics can also help you shop the products, services, and information you have on your website.

For example, through PPC campaigns, Century Hearing Aid, a supplier of hearing devices, learned that they needed to restore parts of their product lineup to increase profit. The company had a selection of “in-the-ear” hearing aids but decided to remove them from the catalog due to low profit margins. However, after sorting through analytics from their PPC campaign, they discovered that people were reaching the campaign by searching for “in-the-ear” devices and were unable to find any on the site. They added those products and saw a significant increase in profit and revenue, and the change helped contribute to a 300% revenue increase.

3.) Take advantage of higher conversion rates.

PPC campaigns tend to have higher conversion rates than, say, other forms of advertisement like television and print, because consumers are actively looking for information when they search. If you own a lawn mowing business in Tucson, and someone searches for local lawn mowing businesses, you can bet that that person wants to mow their lawn.

Each search query is executed with intention. Immediacy is also an important factor here. Unlike other advertising avenues, when a person searches for something, they’re looking for answers right away. This means they’re much more likely to go to your website, pick up the phone, or download information.

4.)  Go where the money goes.

PPC campaigns are designed to fit your personal budget and needs. You spend as much as you can or want with your campaign, and not a penny over. This puts a lot of control into your hands. Furthermore, with detailed analytics, you can up the ante for keywords that are doing very well, while eliminating spend on keywords that aren’t performing as well.

5.) Impressive ROI

When you start a PPC campaign, each penny is tracked immediately. This makes it easy to determine your return on investment. You’ll also be able to better understand the cost of customer acquisition. This is particularly important for the service industry, where repeat customers are common. Considering the lifetime value of a customer, the PPC cost vs. the results is truly unremarkable. You then have to consider the referrals that customer potentially brings in outside of your PPC campaign. Before you know it, a handful of customers could have paid for your entire PPC campaign.


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