6 Fire Safety Products For Every Digital Marketing Office

Digital marketing has opened ways to a number of job opportunities that were simply not possible without the widespread availability and mainstream use of the internet. This has given rise to various offices that tend to provide jobs to thousands of people across the country. However, these office areas need to follow a plethora of rules and regulations pertaining to fire safety. Fire outbreaks at the workplace can be avoided by ensuring the fire safety products discussed in this article.

This article deals with letting you know some of these fire safety products that must be present in your digital marketing office. Apart from the presence of these safety products, their maintenance and user training should be kept into consideration. Otherwise, the mere presence of any safety equipment can't serve any purpose if there is a little knowledge about the application.


So, let's have a look at the safety products that need to be there in a digital marketing office.


  • Fire log book and safety manual:

A fire log book is essential in order to keep a track of the safety documents and records at one place. At the same time, this book can be used for the purpose of maintaining a log of training for your staff so that you can know who hasn't received the training. The record of the number of fire extinguishers present in the office along with their refilling time can also be kept in this log book. This way you will be aware of the actual condition of security in your office and how well-prepared your staff is.


  • Fire extinguishers:

This one is quite obvious to guess and should be inevitably present in the office and that too at multiple locations. Fire extinguishers are of various types and come in different sizes depending on the purpose they serve. Modern fire extinguishers can let you get control over the fire so as to prevent any hazardous outbreak. It's also important to place them at appropriate locations that can be easily accessible during the time of an emergency.

Everyone in the office should be aware of the use of a fire extinguisher regardless of the job profile one has. It does not matter whether you are the boss or an intern, fire does not tend to discriminate when it comes to causing damage.

Apart from this, proper refilling of fire extinguishers should be done in order to ensure the fire safety. Even unused extinguishers need to be refilled if they've been intact for a considerably long time.


  • A health and safety law poster:

This one might sound strange but is mandatory by law. A poster depicting the health and safety guidelines should be displayed in the office in a fairly visible manner. Anyone who enters the premises should be able to have a look at this poster in order to know about the statuary responsibilities at the workplace.


  • Fire alarm system:

Fire alarm systems are as important as fire extinguishers when it comes to ensuring the safety in the office area. There are advanced fire alarm systems available in the market that can be highly effective in preventing fatal fire outbreaks. These systems are smart enough to be equipped with sensors that detect the smoke and send you personalized alerts.

Real-time monitoring is also possible with the help of these fire alarm systems. Apart from this, it is also worth mentioning that modern fire alarm systems are quite flexible in nature and are easy to get installed. With these systems, you don't even have to deal with a cluster of wires that can be cut during the case of emergency, thus rendering your traditional alarm system totally unsuitable for use.


  • First aid kit:

First aid kit is also inevitable in any workplace and comes really handy when you need to deal with the minor injuries and burns. Even if there is a severe burn, you'd have to rely on the first-aid before any medical help arrives and the individual can be taken to the hospital. Another thing to be kept in mind is that these first aid kits need to be equipped with all the necessary items. Apart from this, everyone in the office should have a clear understanding of the use of every item present in the first-aid box.


  • Emergency lighting:

In the case of power failure due to fire outbreak, ensuring safe exit routes can be tricky because of the unavailability of proper lighting. This is why emergency lighting needs to be installed that can help everyone reach the emergency exit if the power supply gets disconnected. These lightings come with their own power supply that can be used during any case of emergency.


Conclusion: In the light of above discussion, it becomes clear that any digital marketing office requires these set of fire safety equipment in order to ensure safety at the workplace. However, the list of essentials does not end here as the government has made it compulsory to follow the fire safety guidelines and maintain a stock of safety equipment.