Why You Need to Use Video Content Marketing

Video marketing is the future and that future is now. There’s a reason videos sit at the top of the best marketing tools you can use for your marketing strategy. It is, after all, super-effective in increasing brand awareness and it’s easy to understand how.

With its power to excite and engage people, it is the perfect tool to bring your customers together. To convince you to use it, here are some video marketing statistics that will show you the crucial benefits of videos.


1. Boosts CVR

If you’re looking for a good reason to use video, how about boosting your conversions? If you use a product video or similar type of content on your landing page, you can enjoy an 80% increase in conversion. It isn’t surprising since the brain transmits the most information visually.


2. Increases Traffic

According to Conversion XL, a website that uses a video experience an increase in organic search traffic by 157%. Google loves videos and that’s a critical factor that makes video marketing an effective strategy for boosting the time of your visitors on your website.


3. Shows Great ROI

You can expect an excellent return on investment with video marketing technique, 83% of businesses said. True, it is not cheap to produce a video, but the cost is worth the risk since it pays big time. Moreover, it continues to improve, so it can become more affordable in the future.


4. Drives Customer Engagement

Videos have an amazing competitive advantage and engage customers on so many levels. They are especially perfect for lazy consumers who can’t be bothered to read long texts. As you know, 68% of consumers prefer watching videos. It’d be great for you to leverage that.


5. Appeals to Mobile Users and Drives Social Shares

Most consumers today are mobile users with 90% using their mobile to watch videos. Your video audience is expected to grow bigger and bigger just as smartphone users grow. Videos are greatly entertaining, which makes it an excellent tool for driving social shares.


Explains Everything – A Great Form of Content

Perhaps the biggest reason why you should use video is the fact it easily explains everything. Videos are great at teaching consumers about a product or service, they help increase user understanding, especially if the product or service is new to the market. Of course, the process of how you make your video matter here.

Video marketing is now more widespread than before. As it adopts more advanced technology, it also becomes more affordable. Given the benefits it offers, there is no reason for you not to include video marketing as part of your strategy.