How to Become a Better Digital Marketer in 2020

The marketing industry has witnessed a lot of changes. It went from traditional methods like door-to-door sales, TV and radio commercials, to now what is known as digital marketing.

Digital marketing is now a popular career that anyone with the right skills can be able to do the job. Does this mean digital marketing is easy?

Learning to become a digital marketing expert takes years, it does happen overnight. There are many things you have to learn to become good at what you do. And, even if you are already a successful professional in your field, continual learning is part of your job.

If you want to start a career in digital marketing, or you want to develop your skills, here are the things you have to do this 2020.



As a digital marketing professional, your job revolves around the use of technology. Therefore, if you want to learn more to become the best in what you do, embracing technological advancement is important.

We know that changes happen all the time, and part of your job is to try these changes. 

Some technological advancement you have to take note this 2020:

  • Artificial intelligence is going to help in improving customers' experience.
  • Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) are two technologies that will bring a whole new experience to customers.
  • Personalized content will become heavily valued by customers.
  • Chatbots will help in customer service.
  • There will be an increase in the use of Voice Search.



Since the digital world changes a lot, it's vital to find ways to improve your skills in this field.

You can gain new ideas or knowledge by attending seminars and events. These workshops allow you to learn from the experts, see what are the upcoming trends, bring home a whole new set of skills you can implement on your work.

Aside from attending workshops or events, you can take online courses. There are numerous resources online that you can use to learn about digital marketing. There are free courses and paid courses for in-depth learning.

You can read books, news, or listen to podcasts if you don't have time to take online courses. Google has thousands of sources regarding digital marketing, and all of which are beneficial.



If you want to develop your skills, you have to practice what you have learned. After all, reading all those books, attending events and workshops, and taking online classes will be useless if you don't put it into work.

Digital marketing is a skill that can be learned through practice. You can enhance your skills by either doing volunteer work or by joining internship programs. In this way, you'll get exposed to more facets of digital marketing. You can apply what you have learned, or you can learn new skills and bring them into practice.

Aside from learning skills, you get to experience some stumbling blocks along the road that could teach you to solve the problems in your field.



One way to widen your network is to join events or workshops. In this way, you get to meet like-minded people in your business.

There are a lot of benefits you can get from building your connection.

  • You can meet people who are better than you, which you could learn something.
  • You can push yourself to strive better in your field.
  • You can promote your business.
  • You can gain future clients.
  • You can collaborate with other professionals.



It is crucial to know all the things related to your field. Staying updated with all digital marketing trends can help you in your marketing strategies.

Here are some trends you need to know this 2020:

  • Video marketing is going to grow in 2020. The number of people watching videos online has changed to millions in the past year. This behavior has prompted digital marketing professionals to include this in their marketing strategy.
  • Influencers will play a role in the success of businesses. Marketing experts will still invest in influencers this year, particularly with micro-influencers.
  • We are living in a visual age, where everyone prefers to learn or know something with the use of media like videos and images. Therefore, even in the marketing industry, everything becomes visual. In 2020, the number of visual searches will increase.
  • Social media stories will grow as people are more interested in viewing "My Stories."
  • Content marketing will still be the most effective strategy for SEO.

All of these trends, and a lot more found online, are the things you need to know to deliver an excellent result in your field.



This 2020, if you want to improve your career as a digital marketer, you have to experiment on different strategies. Experimenting in your field will help you learn what works from what doesn't.

Experimenting on new ideas or techniques can help you determine what a brand needs for their business.



Since you work in the online world, it is best to establish your online presence. This way you can show your clients or potential employers that you are a professional and excellent in your field. You can build your online portfolio to bring you more projects in the future.



For you to become better in your career as a digital marketing professional, feedbacks will be a big help. Ask your clients or colleagues for feedback regarding your work. But remember to be open to constructive criticism.

Getting feedback will help you improve your skills as a professional.



Everyone who's a professional on their field didn't start that way. They work hard to get on top of their job. 

If you aspire to become better on what you do or you want to learn the art of digital marketing, practicing it every day will be a big help.

You also have to learn more and keep updated with all the trends to help you with your next campaign or marketing strategy.

Now, follow the recommendations given to you, and you'll be excellent in your industry in no time.