Why Is Website Traffic Important For My Business?

Creating your own website for business expansion is the best idea. It increases the business reputation and online visibility as well. To get success, individuals need to focus on an important factor and it is website traffic. Without traffic, you cannot experience a single benefit of having a website. 


Website Traffic - An introduction 

Number of people that are visiting the website or pages can be considered as the website traffic. The stats of traffic change with the length of time that is spent by them on a single page or complete website. It can help you in estimating the website’s popularity and some other major elements. 


Importance Of Website Traffic 

From a business point of view, website traffic is the only way to get success in achieving the objectives. Traffic depends on several factors such as - impressiveness of the website, information availability, public interest, and so on. The following facts will help you in understanding its importance. 

  • Having more traffic on the website will help you in generating more conversions and earn revenue. 
  • By getting traffic and impressing the visitors, you can hold a good reputation in the market. With it, the satisfied visitors will love to recommend you to others. It leads to referral promotions. 
  • If the visitors are spending lots of time on the website, then the chances of getting conversions are higher such as - subscribing newsletter, accessing promotional content, and so on. It helps in establishing a long term relationship with the visitors. 

It is important to get more traffic on the website. For more traffic, you need to be focused on some specific practices like - magnificent website design, search engine optimisation, paid marketing, and so on. 


Terms Related To Website Traffic 

Some people are getting confused when it comes to analyse website traffic and its measurements. For understanding these things, you should have knowledge about some basic terms. Here, we are going to explain the major ones. 

Page views:

Activity of a web browser defines the page views. If your website loads by a browser, then it is counted as a page view. In case anyone is going to reload your website, then it turns to two page views. Pageviews are useful in getting some ideas regarding the behaviour of visitors. Here, Google Analytics is the best source for tracking all these stats perfectly. 


When a visitor accesses your website, then it is counted as a visit. If the same visitor accesses different pages of websites, then it cannot affect the count. Count remains one. Due to it, you can see a big difference between the metrics of page views and visits. 


A specific period of time that is spent by an individual on the website considered as a session. It completely represents website engagement. Screen views, events, and some other factors are affecting session metrics. 

Average visit duration:

To get stats about this particular metric, you need to be focused on two major elements, the total number of visits and sessions. In case the average visit duration is higher, then it represents that the users are highly interested in the website. These are the good signs that represent all things going perfectly. 

Bounce rate:

Sometimes, the users load the website and close the tab before the duration of 1 second. The visitors who spend time less than 1 second on the website are leading to the bounce rate. The bounce rate is not good for the website and business as well. 

Returning vs new users:

New user is the individual who accesses your website for the first time. The returning user is the person who visited the website in the past. 

Now the question appears on how to get stats related to all these metrics. For such a task, you can get help from Google Analytics. It can be possible by placing a specific Analytic tag on the website. 


Bonus Tips: How To Boost Traffic On Website?

There are different types of sources available for bringing traffic to the website and get more conversions. Here, we are going to highlight some major ones. 

Paid traffic:

Paid traffic is the source that can help you in getting traffic by investing some money on advertisements on different platforms such as - Google AdWords, remarketing, and social media Ads. It helps in getting quick results and making lots of things easier. In the paid traffic strategy, you need to spend money on the basis of cost per click. Commonly, the price per click is high. 

Organic traffic:

For organic traffic, you do not need to spend any money on campaigns or other practices. You are required to pay an amount of money to some experts who can use unique strategies and bring traffic to the website. Here, search engine optimisation strategies are useful. It will be useful in gaining a better position in the search engine results and target the audience perfectly. With SEO, you are able to get long-lasting and more effective results rather than PPC. 

Content marketing:

Content marketing is the best source for getting referral traffic. It helps you in several ways such as - improving website ranking, boosting traffic, building a reputation, serving information, and so on. Blogs are the best source for content marketing and achieving the objectives. 

Social media:

As we are aware of the importance and usage of social media platforms in today’s world. The majority of internet users spend a big portion of their free time on social media. You can use such platforms for bringing more traffic. It is considered as the social media optimisation. Here, the experts will work by building a strong social media profile that can influence the other users and encourage them to visit the website. 

These are important tips for attracting more traffic to the website quickly. With all these things, you should not ignore the importance of good website design. Impressive and eye-catching website design will help you in connecting with visitors easily and delivering the desired message.