Digital Marketing / 14.01.2019

How to Find Your Ideal Target Audience & Read their Mind

by Nik Tordil

Finding your target audience is an important first step to successful online marketing. If you don’t know who you are ...

Digital Marketing / 08.01.2019

How Data Management Platforms are shaping Digital Marketing

by Digital Solutions

Data management platforms or DMPs are not a recent addition to the digital marketing world. The most up-to-date marketers and ...

Digital Marketing / 08.01.2019

5 Effective Ways to Market Your Product

by Jasmine Williams

One of the most commonly misunderstood tasks of any business is that of marketing. Sales, of course, is easy to ...

Digital Marketing / 02.01.2019

5 Benefits of Content Marketing for Your Business

by Ritesh Patil

What Content Marketing is Creating? Many major marketing experts have accepted advantage and prominence of an effective content marketing plan. Through ...

Digital Marketing / 19.12.2018

Retention Marketing: Focusing on Your Current Customers to Grow Your Sales

by Jasmine Williams

The importance of customer retention is well-known. Retention marketing is often more cost-effective overall than marketing focused on generating new ...

Digital Marketing / 17.12.2018

The Importance Of Online Reputation Management For Your Business

by Brenda Vollman

Online reputation management (ORM) is a process that is used to improve the credibility of a business online. A highly ...

Digital Marketing / 12.12.2018

Setting Customer Expectations

by Tech Social

 “If it absolutely, positively has to be there overnight—”   You probably thought of Federal Express when you read that phrase. While ...

Digital Marketing / 30.11.2018

5 Tips for Creating Brand Ambassadors

by Dan Radak

The phenomenon of brand ambassadors is being terribly misused by so many small enterprises. This is due to the fact ...

Digital Marketing / 29.11.2018

How to Use Intellectual Property Management Software

by Gourav Rana

Given the importance of intellectual assets in the world of modern business, incorporating the use of intellectual property management software ...

Digital Marketing / 26.11.2018

Facebook Marketing - A Comprehensive Guide

by Kim Barrett

 We know, Facebook isn't new. And saying all businesses need a Facebook presence in today's world wouldn't be an amiss ...