Digital Marketing / 28.03.2019

What Should We Know about Amazon PPC Campaigns?

by Sharline Shaw

If you are an Amazon seller, you are likely to search “How to promote your products on Amazon?” The best ...

Digital Marketing / 25.03.2019

The Future of Digital Marketing

by Alexander Slichnyi

Digital marketing encompasses a broad range of aspects. With every new advance we make, it seems that more are added. ...

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How Video Helps Increase Engagement

by Tope Longe

Getting noticed on the web is getting harder. On Facebook, organic reach is dropping steadily. On Twitter, content moves so ...

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What are Micro-Moments?

by Elena

Micro-moments are what occur when people reflexively turn to a device, like a smartphone, to act on a need. This ...

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Why Websites with Blogs Generate 55% More Traffic

by Roberto Garvin

Are you considering blogging for your brand or business, and wondering if the effort and time will pay off? Or you ...

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9 Powerful Benefits of Using PPC Advertising

by JDM Web Web Technologies

PPC or Pay per Click is one of the devices you can use to advance business in the online World. ...

Digital Marketing / 07.03.2019

7 Tools for Creating Stunning Videos for Video Marketing

by Soumya Roy

Videos have traditionally been powerful for businesses. According to studies, video traffic will reach up to 80 percent of all ...

Digital Marketing / 07.03.2019

Take Your Marketing Automation Further with AI

by John Oechsle, President and CEO of Swiftpage

It’s been said that artificial intelligence is the future, but I’d argue that AI is very much a thing of ...

Digital Marketing / 06.03.2019

What kind of marketing content influences your customers the most?

by Ryan Gould

In a study by marketing research firm Clutch, 73% of people surveyed indicated they made purchases as a result of ...

Digital Marketing / 06.03.2019

10 Must Know PPC Trends for Your Business in 2019

by Clara Beck

PPC trends have created a massive change in the business space recently. 2019 will be one more year for Pay-Per-Click ...