6 Popular Ecommerce SEO Trends of 2019

Trending ecommerce SEO strategies in 2019

SEO or Search Engine Optimisation is all about using techniques and strategies to increase website ranking on search results. Every year, the eCommerce SEO space sees a lot of changes as businesses keep shuffling between strategies to improvise their sales. SEO’s position in the overall marketing space gets discussed every year and some businesses even challenge the significance of search engines over social media promotions. Statistics suggest that nearly 51% of the entire web traffic happens through organic search. Out of the total organic traffic, nearly 40% of revenue gets captured. As SEO strategies continue to evolve, businesses are fast learning what is redundant and what needs to be tried out.

Ecommerce SEO services continue to be in demand and even popularity as far as marketing ideas are concerned. Every year, experts try to observe the changing trends in the entire digital marketing ecosystem to understand newer strategies that can be adopted. These are, in turn, suggested to the businesses so that their website can get a high ranking and be visited by more users. This, in turn, can help in converting visitors to consumers of their products or services.


If you are looking for trending eCommerce SEO strategies in 2019, here is some insightful information.


  • Artificial Intelligence Is the Buzzword

Artificial Intelligence is quickly revolutionizing the way online search is done by internet users with the help of keywords. AI is expected to give a completely personalized experience as part of SEO strategies. It is fast bringing in automation, thereby saving on a lot of time in the digital marketing space. It has also slowly introduced the concept of machine learning. With this, businesses can easily automate a lot of day-to-day SEO tasks such as data analytics and reporting. AI is turning out to be a very powerful tool in improving the abilities and outreach of SEO, which in turn is resulting in high levels of efficiency and quick response to online search results.


  • Voice Search

2019 is the year of voice search as users move away from the old-fashioned way of typing keywords in the address bar. SEO experts are buckling up for the challenges that will be faced for increased usage of voice search as compared to keyword typing. Voice queries work very differently from typed keywords and hence the results have to be accordingly placed. By 2020, nearly 50% of all searches will comprise of voice searches. This means the SEO experts need to think in the same way that the users do and also evaluate the expected results of users. The results have to be designed to match the voice search strings used by internet users.


  • Video Content

Video content has completely taken over the eCommerce SEO space as videos are increasingly preferred by users over any other readable content. Video content is steadily outperforming every other form of content available on the internet. As an increasing number of people find it easy to shoot short videos, it has become more accessible to users. It doesn’t require heavy investment, so even small companies can invest in it. Companies need to learn how video marketing can be utilized as a part of the overall marketing strategies. A story in video format for any product or service has far better chances of being viewed and remembered as compared to any readable content.


  • Mobile Optimisation

Quality mobile sites continue to grow in 2019 and Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) play a major role in this. It offers an easy way to create web pages that are interesting as well as easy to navigate. This is especially important for SEO because it is super-fast. Speed plays an important role in retaining users on any site and thereby it sends indications to search engines like Google that the website is of good quality. This, in turn, leads to better and improved rankings.


  • Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality

Both AR and VR, as they are popularly known, are set to change the organic search algorithms used by Google. These can significantly influence how links are built, generation of leads and also how users connect with any interesting content. AR and VR are here to stay and eCommerce SEO services need to quickly learn how these two can be utilized for the best benefits.


  • Expertise, Authority, and Trust

These three elements are popularly known as E-A-T and are making a strong presence felt in the eCommerce SEO space this year. These are known to play a very important role in building a quality website and even the characteristics of any content creator. Every website needs to constantly demonstrate the presence of these three elements to be preferred by users.


Over and above all these trends, the presence and importance of human element in SEO strategies is here to stay. Human-aligned and experimental web content will call the shots in coming-of-age SEO strategies. SEO trends are important to be followed by all businesses to offer user-defined content.