5 Tips To Help You Profit From Your Email List

The money is in the list. If you come across an internet business no matter the size without an opt-in list chances are they are not making a lot of money.

But, only a tiny fraction actually joins an opt-in list. Why? Many people find email advertising of a product or service intrusive and annoying. The key is to provide a good newsletter along with quality advertising material. Once you do that, your list will grow quite nicely. This can also be achieved by having good content on your site. If people like what they see and read on your website, then you can bet they will want more. Newsletters can attract them back to your site by giving a tease of information, the rest of which can be found on your website.

Build a huge RESPONSIVE list. The more subscribers you have, the more money you can make.

1) Put advertisements in your newsletter and/or on your website. There are many corporations who will be willing to pay to put their banners and ads on a list with many subscribers. Your newsletter could be placed with many ads and each one spells money. And no matter what talk you may have heard, banner ads are still effective.

2) Put together an ebook of your articles and sell it. How-to articles and books are always in great demand. Many people will be willing to shell out some cash to gain information about a specific topic and subject. With your existing list trusting your expertise in that area, an e-book could be offered and sold or used as a freebie

3) Ask other companies for a small percentage of sales done through your list. With every sale done by customers that have come from your list, the other company will pay you a fraction of the sales. The more people that buy from them, the more earnings you get. Believe it or not many companies are more than willing to do this. Paying you a small percentage of the sale profits is no biggie compared to what they are getting, which is their product or service exposed to a new audience.

4) Network your list. Get people to encourage more people to view your site and subscribe to your list. The larger your list is, the more people will be able to click on your links and affiliate links as well as make your advertisement rates higher.

5) Subscribers as partners. This like having your own affiliate marketing program is a win-win situation. You could joint venture by having a sale or giveaway. This is a great way to not only make money for all parties but attract more subscribers to your list and theirs.

Contrary to rumors email marketing is still very much alive. Your list will be the bloodline of your growth and increase. There are many more ways to make money from your list but it comes down to taking care of your subscribers. Once you do that, they will show their appreciation to you many times over.