What Is The Best App To Sell Stuff Locally?

Buying and selling, the pillars of any business requires tremendous efforts to outshine the global industry. Whether you are part of an eCommerce industry or looking for alternatives to sell your stuff locally but through a digital platform, you need to perform in-depth research on the possibilities.


If we talk about the marketplace sector, there has been a widespread acceptance of the concept of selling personal stuff online. It would not wrong to deem this shift as a change in the face of selling business. According to a survey, the total annual spending in the US surpassed $500 billion with Amazon and eBay being the major players. With time, the number is only expected to rise.


Not to forget, the wave of mobility also affects the concept of online shopping. The inception of mobile apps gives users the ease to shop at their convenience as and when they want. Also, apps come along with a plethora of discounts and offer that ultimately, pure visitors to turn into potential buyers.


In case you too are planning to jump in this digital bandwagon and sell your stuff online, you can get along with any of the many online selling apps and get your business online.


Looking for apps that help you sell your products online? Don't worry, your search comes to an end. We have outlined some of the best apps that are easy to use and employ best practices industry-wide.


Apps That Help Your Sell Your Stuff Locally


  • LetGo

Whether you have heard about it or not, but letGo is one of the best online selling app and the favorite of buyers across the globe. No matter if you are a local buyer or an international seller, the app welcomes the app. LetGo is both simple and easy to use and is a boon for both sellers and buyers. As a seller, you don't have to pay for uploading an advertisement or a product, neither are your charged heavy commission rates on every transaction.


The app has been tailored in the sense that it is compatible with new generation technologies such as image recognition, artificial intelligence, and geotagging. Once you upload an image of the product you wish to sell, the app itself feeds the data related to the product. And the only thing that you need to set is the price. Further, the app doesn't entail payment, meaning that all transactions are done face to face and ensures total security.


Alongside, LetGo has a vast user community and selling your product online through letGo would not be a tough deal.


  • Carousell

Another free to use, online selling app, Carousell is the choice of the Millenials. Though the app has been launched recently, yet it has succeeded in gaining the desired user traction. In case you are planning to sell any of your products (beauty to cars, furniture to gadgets), a Carousell app is pretty much an ideal option. All that a buyer needs to do is click snaps of the product and then upload the same online. It takes 30 seconds or less to upload an advertisement on the Carousell.


Carousell allows sellers to upload a maximum of four photos per listing and remember, you need not pay for the same. The app is totally free to use and even does not mandate payments for putting up an ad. Further, the app integrates the option of social media sharing for widespread visibility.


Carousell like letGo, does not allow in-app payments and hence to complete a transaction, both the buyer and the seller have to meet. This prevents fraud or payment glitches embedding a far more safe and secured infrastructure for selling products online.


  • OLX

One of the leading marketplaces, OLX has its wings spread across 40 different nations. It was founded back in 2006 and currently ranks the best marketplace in India, Poland, Portugal, and Brazil. OLX was the one behind the shutdown of Google Trader, the Google online marketplace. Currently, OLX has more than 25 million listings and 200 million visits per month. While the business model is the same as Craigslist, the revenue generation model is a lot different.


For the buyer's end, they need to click a picture, add title and a short description about the same, set a price and it's done. Buyers can browse through different categories, select one that suits them best, contact the seller, negotiate and make a purchase, simple?


As a matter of fact, OLX primarily works a catalyst promoting conversation between the buyer and the seller. It generates revenue mostly from the web traffic, number of clicks and searches on a whole. While the majority of the marketplaces act as an affiliate to sellers, OLX prefers ads, Sponsored listings, and Sponsored Links as the main source of revenue. No wonder, OLX has been etching success both in terms of popularity and money and apparently is an excellent alternative for selling products online.


  • OfferUp

 Touted as the tech-savy alternative to Craigslist, the leading marketplaces app OfferUp that allow selling your stuff online. No matter what do you plan to sell, the offerUp app welcomes all. From electronics to jewelry, furniture, cars or beauty products, you can sell any or everything locally on offerUp.


The app integrates a unique seller profile page allowing each seller to create their own brand and pitch their products on the platform. With an easy to use and convenient platform, it takes less than a minute to post an advertisement on the app. The seller is expected to click an image, feed in the details related to the product, the title, description, and price. A chat icon on the top of the page enables buyer-seller communication. Furthermore, the commission rates are charged by the app is less as compared to others.


A survey reveals that the annual sales of offerUp is a lot more than that of eBay and the total time spent on the former is, comparatively, higher. No doubt, offerUp is one of the best online selling apps you can collaborate with to sell your products online.



 So, plenty of options? Definitely yes. But remember where each has an array of benefits, not all would suit your requirements. Hence, be mindful when you are making the choice. Perform in-depth research of the market, your product and the app, prior to investing in any of them.