Is Your Marketing Content Turning Up Sales?

Your marketing content can be the difference between winning or losing a prospect's business.

If you want to avoid having potential clients go to your competition, take a look at these tips for great marketing content.

Make it Relevant

Whatever you're selling, your website content needs to be relevant. Customers won't visit your real estate website hoping to read about pet care.

Your site should have content that directly relates to the needs and interests of your targeted customer, in relation to the services or products you sell.

Include a Call to Action

Too many website owners get hung up on providing relevant content without telling their site visitors what to do before they leave.

Every page should include a call to action, instructing your visitors as to exactly what they should do next.

With a call to action, you're basically just letting potential sales slip right out of your hand.

Include Rich Content

Rich content is extra content that makes your site and business appear more valuable.

Examples of rich content include surveys, infographics, contests, and images. If you're not sure how to integrate rich content into your website design, contact a marketing agency that can take care of it for you.

Make it Image Rich

People love interesting images.

For many, images communicate a lot more than the written word. You want to include images that will relate to the content on your site, as well as images that may evoke emotion, such as laughter or awe.

As the following article notes, do you want to know what content suits a culture best?

Right now it's images. The more, the better.

There are plenty of online sites that offer affordable high quality stock images for use on your site.

Break up the Text

Text that is broken up with sub headers is a lot easier for readers to scan quickly than are big blocks of text with no separation.

Make sure your marketing content is broken up into paragraphs with no more than three sentences, and has descriptive sub headers.

Use Interesting Fonts

If you're using your website's default font, you're missing out on a great way to add interest and marketing power to your business website.

Install Google fonts on your site so you have access to the whole line of web fonts that Google makes available to site builders. The judicious use of fonts also helps to brand your website, and to tie your content in with your logo design.

Don't skip these important steps to make sure your marketing content doesn't turn away sales.

When you take the time to put these things in place, you'll see the difference in returns.