Putting the Taste in Better Marketing

When it comes to marketing mouthwatering eats, a number of restaurants across the country are putting more effort into advertising.

Whether it's spreading the word via social media or mobile marketing, the restaurant industry is beefing up its marketing endeavors.

Here are just a few ways restaurants are dishing out better marketing:

Effective Restaurant Marketing Examples

There are tons of national restaurant chains out there, but only a handful has effective marketing campaigns.

From fast food restaurants to sit-down eateries, there are a number of techniques restaurants are using to better market their eats:

• Texas Road House - The Texas Road House restaurant chain encourages customers to opt-in to their TextUs Loyalty Club campaign. By doing so, customers are treated to free appetizer coupons on their mobile devices. The marketing campaign has resulted in a 60% coupon redemption rate so far.

• Subway - This popular sandwich shop is rewarding return customers by heavily promoting their mobile campaign through in-store advertisements. Thousands of people are signing up for coupons, which is increasing Subway's nationwide redemption rates exponentially.

• Ruby Tuesday - Through their email promotions, Ruby Tuesday is offering 25% off coupons for customers who sign up for emails. This is helping to increase customer loyalty and nationwide sales.

• Chipotle - Everyone's favorite burrito joint promotes its chain by advertising its healthy, all-natural ingredients via online, television, mobile, and in store marketing. 

The question is, how can other restaurant chains learn from the eateries above when it comes to marketing?

Mobile Marketing is the Future of Food

As the following article looks at, from mobile coupons to food-focused content like 7 Recipes for a Mother's Day Brunch on a Budget, mobile marketing is the perfect form of marketing for restaurants. Restaurants of all kinds are using mobile marketing to send customers coupon codes via SMS text.

Mobile marketing not only reaches a larger audience, it also grabs attention at the most opportune time.

Whether customers are on the go or already in store, they can opt-in to a mobile promotion immediately. This type of in-the-moment advertising is a huge advantage for both fast food and sit-down restaurant chains.

Tasteful Social Advertising

Restaurants all across the country are also turning to social media to spread the word about their delicious offerings.

Chain restaurants, fast-food establishments, farm-to-table restaurants, and locally-owned eateries are starting Facebook pages were customers can follow their favorite place to eat.

In addition, restaurants are also using sites like Instagram to post mouthwatering pictures of their most popular dishes.

With social media, restaurants are really starting to create an online presence and brand awareness, which is increasing patronage.

Online Reservations

Something that's really gaining attention for restaurants is the popularity of online reservation sites.

Sites like OpenTable allow customers to make a reservation online or on their mobile device and gain reward points in the process.

Restaurants that accept online reservations are promoting the quick and easy reservation option both in-store and through other forms of marketing.

When it comes to getting the word out about great eats, more and more restaurants are cooking up effective marketing techniques.