Using the power of social media for boosting Search Engine Optimisation strategies

Those were the days when social media was considered just as an entertainment platform and was used as a pass time routine in daily life. But now with so much advancement, people have dug out the ways by which they can use social media for boosting the various infused strategies of Search Engine Optimisation. It can be a substantial head start for the SEO techniques of the website. You might have come across several articles and blogs on the web which always talks about how social media plays a vital role in levelling up the site to higher ranks. You could have read the ways or tips by which social media can be a great help in boosting the website SEO. 

Few guidelines can be of great help in using the social media effectively that can help in boosting the Search Engine Optimisation of your website. You must remember that results will not come overnight. Be patient and continue working for optimisation. It is imperative to follow them and implement them on your site. 

  • Sharing the website content that helps in building links

There are various search engines like Google that can assist in identifying the various inbound links that are external. And it also helps in determining whether the website belongs to any reputed source present online. One of the benefits of links is that they are considered of the premium level when they are in connection with various social media platforms. It is because the social media channels are known as the high-quality platforms with web authorisations. 


Your starting point should be the creation of content for web scheduled from your social media accounts. Set up accounts and create profiles.


You can try engaging with your followers on the social media account to get popular among them. That is a very significant opportunity where you can build engagement with others and get more attention for the website content. By doing so, you will get recognition and can share your content with other people also. Through this, the number of inbound links will get increased. They will be in connection with your site. Ensure that every word of your content is linked and got published on social media accounts. Give your content a chance to prove its potential to the readers so that they could start following the provided links.


When you link your website with a high-end authoritative social platform, you will be helping yourself in getting a higher spot in ranks. It is a very simple rule that people follow. Higher the authority links that are used in the page content, higher will be the chances of being noticed by the search engine like Google. There are many experts online like SEO Adelaide who can provide you with tips.

  • Increasing the number of followers on social media

To build to gain credits, you have to get the high number of followers which are of the premium level. By premium level followers, it means that the followers should be capable of getting into various engagement activities like writing comments on fellow posts, initiating a healthy discussion or talk with other users, sharing other account users’ posts. In short, it means looking for small reasons to build a strong interaction with others. You cannot achieve this on any social media platform like Instagram where you can like each other's image, Facebook where you can write and share the posts and Twitter where you can write your tweet or re-tweet others valuable tweet.


By doing so, you will be sending the signals socially to others. The algorithm of various search looks for such social engagements and keeps a record of your activities on social accounts. They also check how other people are reacting towards your posted content. Search engine determines the level of interaction you will be having with other users of social media platforms. They see how often you share each other's content. You have to avoid the unnatural ways of increasing the followers and likes. It is like cheating the social media system. Such followers are not considered to be of high-quality, and there will be no advantage from them.


If any search engine locates your fake followers, then you might get a low level among the ranks. Try building the strong followers’ base account by eventually increasing them with the time and look for different opportunities of engaging with them.


  • Develop a content which users share and identify with

There are many social sites on the internet that develop the content that is worthy of sharing and can easily be identified. Like of Instagram, if a user uploads a post that contains an image and also has a link to full content present on its content, then many users will share it if it is shareable. If you want to share an image that is similar to that of Instagram, then you might get it to appear in the Google results. Hence, your image and content will get the attention of the potential audience.


If you have noticed, then you may have realised that while setting up a profile, many social sites give you the option of keeping your content live for public, private etc. Many social media accounts provide the option for the safety of the content and will only be available to the right set of audience. So, in case you want to increase the viewership for the business then try keeping the content of your business account public. By doing so, your content will be available to generate a maximum lead. The shareable content comparatively gets more views.



It is very much right that social media and SEO plays very well along with each other. Without both of them, it is tough to get the success that you aim for your business. With the millions of followers' base of social media and right SEO techniques, the company will soon reach its height of success and globally be known as an established brand.