10 Ways to Demonstrate Company Culture on Social Media

Social media - a powerful resource that can be a valuable asset for a marketing campaign

Social media is a powerful resource that can be a valuable asset for a marketing campaign. However, one of the main dilemmas for a company is what to share with its audience. A social media strategy can make or break the image of a company, so carefully prepared content is the key to a successful presentation. The best starting point is demonstrating company culture on social media, allowing your audience to get to know different sides of your business. Here are some of the ways to do just that.


Pick the right social media platform(s) for you

It's not about choosing any social media platform but finding the right one that will allow you to reach your target audience. For example, Instagram is the place to appeal to a younger audience, while LinkedIn and Facebook to attract professionals. Additionally, don't use the same content across all your platforms, but rather mix it up a bit to stay fresh and interesting. Always pay attention to upgrades since social media platforms constantly add new features and mastering them will help you evolve and improve a marketing campaign.


Work on the plan

There are two types of content when it comes to social media — planned and spontaneous. While some things you can post as they come along, a successful marketing campaign depends on the controlled conditions. Social media plan helps you stay consistent and create engaging posts concentrating on the quality and not quantity. Make sure to reuse the content on all your platforms and not only sharing it on the one. It’s a good thing to know when to post your content to get the most interaction with your audience and visibility. For example, the best day for Tweets is Wednesday, so make a schedule for posts so you don’t skip on an opportunity.


Introduce your employees

While your employees already post about the company on their private accounts, invite them to participate in the collective social media marketing campaign. Organize an employee takeover of your social media accounts and let them present the company to the outside world through their own eyes. Employees are valuable advocates for a company culture that can help you create a significant public perception of your business. This will not only bring more customers your way but also more talent and partnerships.


It’s not only about selling products or services

While you will use social media to promote your products or services, that shouldn’t be a priority. In the competitive market, the audience is interested in the company behind the product it is selling. Point out your goals and what you stand for, like a green manufacturing process and workspace diversity. With your positive company culture, you are allowing the audience to choose the philosophy, principles, and values they believe in. They are not only bringing you profit but also helping you to reshape the business world into a more responsible and accountable environment.


Empower your employees to post

At least half of your employees post about their perception of your company on their personal social media accounts. They do this on their own and without any incentive from you which means that you don’t get a say in the narrative. To be on the same page with your employees, you need to give them genuinely good reasons to talk about you with gratitude and happiness. Improving, upgrading, and evolving your company culture into a positive experience will show them you care about their opinion and value their feelings.


Highlight nonprofit or community events

As a company, you have a responsibility to help your community and participate in nonprofit events. Invite your employees to join you and use social media platforms to encourage your audience to do the same. However, don’t use your social media posts to boast about your humanitarian accomplishments, but rather to highlight the importance of giving and helping the most vulnerable. If you are looking for new ideas, ask your employees to suggest charity work and nonprofit events that could use your support.


Include pictures and videos in your posts

People are visual beings and they like to see what are you talking about. So make sure to take lots of pictures and videos for your social media posts. This is especially important when you are using social media that depends on visual enhancements, like Instagram. Even Twitter is much more effective with pictures, with such posts gaining 89% more likes and 18% more clicks. However, don’t use stock images, just order flowers online for little embellishment and shoot your own photos and videos to capture the sincerity and true company culture.


Show off your offices

It’s not always possible to welcome visitors into your offices, but that doesn’t mean you can’t show them around. Since people are the most important part of your company, invite your employees to participate and even highlight their favorite parts of the premises. Moreover, show the view from the offices, artwork on the walls, recreation room, plants, and other details that make your company special. Getting to know the space where your employees spend 40 hours a week will give your audience a clearer picture of your company culture.


Point out the positive things

Your company culture is full of positive things that you should proudly share with your audience. If you are a pet-friendly office, take pictures of the furry visitors and post them on your social media. Casual Friday, Tuesday Happy Hour, and other team-building events definitely belong in your company posts. Use catchy hashtags and even come up with your own you can attach to all your social media postings of this type of event. In case you organize continuing education for your employees or an internship program, interview the participants about what they've learned and experienced.


Capture the small moments

Capturing images of employees helping one another, or a team brainstorming in the garden are candid episodes in a workday. These small moments depict company culture through spontaneity and honesty, adding a level of trustworthiness for your brand and image. Ask your employees to take a shot of these casual happenings and send them to you to post on company social media. Be sure to include shots of leisure time in the kitchen, reading nooks, cafeteria, and by the pool.



There is not one social media recipe that fits all. If you want to demonstrate company culture on social media, you need to know your audience and where to find it. However, the secret is to perfectly mix business with casual moments to truly capture the atmosphere at the office.