How to Curate Instagram

Instagram is one of the fastest-growing social media platforms in the world. More than 1.5 billion users actively use Instagram daily either to share photos and videos or for digital marketing purposes. While some wish to use Instagram to become popular or gain followers many use the platform to grow their business. For these reasons, they develop a proper plan – one that involves a social media calendar and following all the latest tips and tricks. But while doing all this, it is equally important to curate the right content for your feed. That means you must know how to curate Instagram. Before getting to know how to do it in the right way, let us first see what is meant by Instagram curating?

Instagram Curating

Instagram curating is not exactly a new process. It is something that you may have noticed many times but were unable to recognize. It is also not very difficult to do but needs some strategy in place. Curating Instagram is the process of selection and organization of the photos that you post in such a way that it looks visually stunning to your Instagram profile. There should be some manner that makes the audience curious and intrigued to know more about you.

What makes Instagram Curating Special?

Instagram is all about the visuals. How frequently do you scroll through your Instagram feed without taking a peek at the pictures? Answer: never - it's outlandish! Dissimilar to other social media platforms, Instagram centers around the photographs posted more than the text, so it's imperative to utilize extraordinary pictures that will catch the consideration of your audience.

At the point when a user visits your Instagram and is welcomed with an insightfully curated set of photographs, that has an impression. They recollect your name, your photographs, and will consider your business later on. They may even be so moved by your profile that they visit your site - particularly if what you offer relates to their inclinations.

The right ways to curate Instagram

There are many ways to curate Instagram but before doing so, be sure about how you want to make it appear. You must think about keeping the audience in the mind. What would they find appealing? Once you have a visual picture hop on to any of the methods given below to curate Instagram.

  • Pick a color scheme

The color scheme is a very important part of the curating process. It forms the basic step from where you can leap forward. The color scheme should be such that your photos and images must relate to it. Try to post images that have colors from the color scheme you have chosen. This will make your Instagram look more uniform and consistent visually.

  • Using a rainbow post pattern. 

The rainbow pattern should be possible in an undeniable manner by presenting photographs next to each other whose primary color scheme is every individual color of the rainbow, or it tends to be more unobtrusive. By posting a gathering of pictures that are contained generally white, at that point proceeding onward to a bunch of pictures with an alternate color, this makes a more inconspicuous rainbow impact that you can just see by scrolling down to different pictures.


  • Try using an alternating pattern

Variety is indeed the spice of life. If you feel like using the same colors time and again has become less efficient, try switching them up. Have a go at utilizing photographs that have a ton of void area, and rotating them with photographs that have hazier colors and less void area. This pattern can likewise be very inconspicuous, and it makes the inclination that each picture makes them inhale room and is very scattered, even though they're all near one another.


  • Make a post pattern

Organization of the posts is the most important part of knowing how to curate Instagram. You may have noticed pages of hotels on Instagram. If you have carefully observed their images, you will find that most of their images are posted in a diagonal pattern. This means that the images are captured diagonally. This is a posting pattern that centers around getting sorted out room pictures in an inclining line. It separates different pictures and makes an inconspicuous stream to the profile by including that repetitive component.


These are some of the ways that can help you to curate Instagram. Many may consider curating Instagram as those ideal, untainted records with pictures that are presumably photoshopped - however that isn't the case any longer. Curating Instagram these days implies being consistent with your image and displaying what you have to bring to the table in a smart and coordinated manner that shows your inventiveness and character.