5 Web User-Interface Mistakes That Is Affecting Your SEO

“Websites promote you 24/7: No employee will do that.”- Paul Cookson

There is no denying that the website and its seamless experience has become an integral part of every business success. What crucial at the level of development, designing is to know which strategy and technique should be applied such that it not only improves the visitor's interaction with the business site but also enable the website to get better rankings in search engine results efficiently.

By following the effective SEO strategy, it would not only attract potential customers to your website, but it would also assist business owners to launch a quality website with an intuitive design such that it helps to gain the potential business from search engine sphere.

Regardless of how renowned firm one owns if your website design is laid over the wrong practices than it will hurt your business scalability evidently. Therefore, be assertive about your website health and audit and fix if any of the following mistakes are being made:


1#Unappealing design

Be it a startup company or just an organization website, UI design should be the first priority as it can break or make your business experience instantly. By attractive design, we by any means not stating that one should only focus on the color scheme. It is about knowing the audience well and what type of interface would relate to their needs efficiently.

Consequently, the content on your layout should never consist of generic/free stock images, as it instantly takes away the impact of authenticity and genuine vibes from your brand. Regardless of how much bucks you spend on creating elements, the copy of your website design should match with the theme of the overall brand. From headings to the detailed content, it should be written in the simplest and easy form explaining your agenda to all types of visitors of your business sphere.


  • 8% of people will leave a website if the layout and content are unattractive.
  • 47% of web visitors expect a web page to load in two seconds or less.
  • 95% of visitors agreed that good user experience (UX) is the most vital part of a website.


Unappealing design, longwinded loading time and complex navigation are the three most ruthless killers of generating business through the web-based solution. If your business survival depends on website based platform, your User Interface (UI) can create significant hurdles in giving a success edge to your business. So before you instantly expect to convert visitors into customers, and wondering if how to find software development companies near me, then what better way than review sites like Clutch and Yelp that would help you know the work experience with the particular software development firms located in nearby areas of Dallas or elsewhere.


2# Unresponsive Design

The desktop has gone far from the reach of consumers after the invention of smartphones– especially when it comes to looking for any suggestion, or even remedies for quick fixes nobody would consider to turn on PC, monitor or even laptops for quick inquiries or details. According to the stats, 50 percent of search queries worldwide originate from mobile devices, so how one can expect that people would be approaching your business website from desktop only? This is where responsiveness takes the lead – Responsive design has become one of the fundamental components not only to meet customer satisfaction but also get higher chances to boost conversion rate.  It is an approach that allows your website to behave well regardless of any devices or screen it meets.

Keeping the menu bar, navigation and layout flexible as fluid would not only decrease the bounce rate, but it would give the comfort of interaction to your site visitors that keep you ahead with your competitors. With appropriate button size and no-autocorrect form text field, it would make the experience more stress-free and pleasant.


3# Hierarchy and Navigation

Most frequently neglected aspect of the website development and design is the website navigation and hierarchy. With crystal clear navigation that means having the services into the relevant menu option that can easily be guessed just by looking in the top header. To create a hierarchy that works ideally for the SEO as well, know that each aspect of your website linking should be logically connected without making the site saturated with interlinked pages and services.

Balance the categories and sub-categories and get customized link followed with the right keywords that helps search engines to crawl and rank pages easily. Most websites are developed using the JavaScript, Ajax and often with flash, that creates a hindrance for search engines spiders to cover the site. Make sure that your website navigation is based on simple HTML and CSS that is readable to all search engines and helps users to get a better understanding of the links of your website.

Leonardo Da Vinci once said, ‘simplicity is the ultimate sophistication’ and the art of keeping the site simple adhere to the similar concept that is “sophistication”–. While pondering hours and hours about how to plan the website hierarchy that is not only user-friendly but also works best for SEO need your understanding with your targeted audience. Following your competitors, site map strategy might works for them, however, in the long term your website goals would be affected if it does not follow the right hierarchy plan. Hence, for a kick start quality map,  create a top navigational header that consists the top services/products related to your firms in the intuitive form using CSS that give an absolute experience to users by fulfilling the needs efficiently. This way, your site will leave a quality impression and help users to make choices with easy navigation follow.


4# Simplicity

Recalling the quotes from the book of Albert Einstein, “Make everything as simple as possible but not simpler.”

While designing a website, it is crucial that what inspirations you are carrying through your research vs. what matters practically. You might want to look extravagant and create an out-of-the-world website UI design; however, it might work terribly at from a technical perspective to both users and search engines.

With that case of confusion, look for what leading experts of your industries are considering for their business websites. With a simple layout, we do not mean to exclude the necessary information it implies from the structure to navigation bar; however, your site should not confuse the content with the images and should not appear cluttered with the material as well that includes Ads and offers banner.  Most newly build website often go beyond simplicity and only keep the portfolio on the home page of the site. With that strategy for a new web page, it would skip the part where new visitors come and learn the context of the portfolio. Therefore, besides keeping the information, menu and details of the services in place know that your content should appear in the simplest yet most effective way possible.


5# Generic Imagery vs. Original Images

Images on website UI works as the branding quality works for marketing – the more natural and professional it is the better it will help users to remember your business for a long time. So when reputed firms consider stock images to set as the banner image or even at the mid-blocks of the sites they are surely losing a chance to build a personal impact on the users. As far as stock images are concerned, it might work for the beginners who are unable to acquire quality business images for office, workplace or even the team members. However, once you are in a place where you can hire a quality graphic designer and professional photographer, a lot can be done to make your business layout more customized and personal.

We are not completely against the idea of such affordable and feasible methods, however, when it comes to stepping into the market with the intuitive vision, these ready-to-use images would not be able to support the idea of your vision that is entirely different from your competitors. Personalized pictures allow visitors to observe original content that has never been seen before. With personalized images, you define your business with a voice in a unique way that conveys the message in the right way to the right audience.