Understanding Why Your Site Doesn’t Load Quickly and the Need to Change It

You need to change your website if it doesn't load quickly. People have a short attention span. If they think they have a strong internet connection, but it's still difficult for them to purchase items from your website, or to even load it, they will close the site and jump to other options. They know that there are other choices for them that will make their experience a lot more satisfying than what you have to offer. Therefore, if it takes over two seconds to open your site and load the entire features, you have to do something about it; otherwise, you're going to lose a lot of potential customers.

Partner with a web designer

You need an expert to assess the problem. It's possible that there are issues that only an expert can determine. The problem might have something to do with the aesthetic aspect of the computer language used in creating the website. Either way, there needs to be thorough diagnostics and immediate action. You can consider the help of a graphic design Oxford company if you want a thorough analysis of your website now.

Remove unnecessary files

You might have to remove unnecessary files in your site like the background music. When people search for information on their phone, they’re probably listening to Spotify or iTunes. There’s no need for you to give them something else to listen to. You might also have a video that’s too heavy. You can compress it so that it will load quickly, or shorten the video. The goal is to remove things that make it more difficult for users to open the website and do what they want.

Make the site friendly for phone users

Most people these days don’t go online shopping through their computers. It’s easier for them to access their phones anywhere and start shopping. Therefore, if possible, you have to make it easier for them to purchase anything with a few clicks on their phone. If you’re still running a website that’s not friendly for mobile device users, you’re losing at least half of these potential customers.

Hidden files and commands

Starting a website takes a lot of time and effort. It also requires knowledge in web design and programming. Knowing tons of ideas in computer languages would make you an expert in dealing with web design. It’s possible that in the process of creating the site, you forgot to remove unnecessary commands. They’re the reason why the site doesn’t load quickly. You can find out where they are and take them out of the system right away.

You want your target audience to feel that they matter to you, and their experience when using the site is a priority. If you can do so, it will be easier for you to convince them to come back and purchase more products in the future. The battle among online stores these days is no longer just about product quality, but the ease of using websites for shopping and other transactions.


Image: https://unsplash.com/photos/xrVDYZRGdw4