How Can You Optimize Your Contact Form Conversion Rate

Engaging with your customers is extremely beneficial for businesses. Businesses are always on their toes trying to figure out strategies to help engage and convert users. Maximum conversions for contact forms are only possible if they follow a certain layout, that customers are comfortable with.

Best Practices for a Higher Conversion Rate for Contact Forms

If the contact form is simple and easy to use, then customers will engage well. Some of the best practices for a higher conversion rate are mentioned below:

  1. User-friendly format and layout of the form

This is important as the customer will give one glance at the form and decide right away if they would like to fill it or not. The form should have one question per row, and the size of the input fields should match the length of the expected answers. This provides better visibility to the customer who is filling out the form. The placement of the contact form is very important; it should be above the fold and should be differently colored to make it stand out. If you put the contact form on the landing page, most of the visitors to your website will not notice it.

  1. The number of fields

The lesser the number of fields, the fewer details the customer will be prompted to enter. If the number of fields in the form is 3, customers are more likely to fill out the form.

  1. Colour for Call-to-Action (CTA)

The contact form should have a different color than the rest of the tabs. This button should be screaming click me to encourage customers to click on it.

  1. Use anti-spam technology over CAPTCHA

This technology is important to help any spam form submissions made.

  1. Do not ask for phone numbers

Customers are usually not comfortable with giving away their mobile numbers. This field is one of the main reasons for the abandonment of contact forms in most situations. Nobody likes to receive a call from a salesperson right in the middle of work. If it is necessary for you to get the customer's digits, then you can add this field to the contact form, and not make it compulsory; it should be an optional field.

  1. Social proof

Providing some sort of social proof around the contact form will provide the customer will some sort of surety that they are in safe hands.


  1. Describe what happens next

Somebody who is providing you with their details will defiantly want to know what would happen after they submit their details. Adding a field that describes what they would expect soon after they submit their details, would encourage the customers to fill out the form.

  1. Mark errors clearly

Firstly, you should not be so picky in the way the customer fills out the details, such as using dashes in their birth date rather than slashes. Constant errors would discourage the customer from completing the contact form.

  1. Optional fields

Providing optional fields will make the form to be filled quicker. It also gives the customer the authority regarding what details they would like to disclose.

  1. Show the breakage

If your contact form has a lot of fields to fill, you can show the break up of the multiple pages that have to be filled. It gives the customer a better picture of how many pages they have filled already and how many of the pages are left.

  1. Optimise the forms

Customers can fill out the forms on various devices. Therefore, your contact form should be compatible with all devices to provide an optimum experience to your customers.

  1. Analysing the results

You must analyze the results of the contact forms that have been filled by your customers. This would help to make the contact form much better. And keep bringing the traffic to your site and see how many visitor visits and fill-up the form to have higher traffic that you must need quality SEO Services from someone who helps you to give the better visibility in the search engine, OR you can test your contact form through paid campaigns that also tells you what is your contact form conversion rate. In case the contact form is not converting well then you have to conduct an A/B test to see results and continuously optimize till it converts well. Indeed this is the industry practice that you may apply for a higher conversion rate.


Who Can Be Your Savior

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