New Search Engine Provides Narrowed Search Capabilities Emphasizing The New European Union (EU) Makes Searching Europe Quick and Easy for Individuals and Companies Around the World

Houston, TX (PRWEB) July 14, 2004 -- Every day, more small search engines pop up on the web. But when massive search engines like Google, MSN, About and Yahoo draw a large percentage of the searching traffic, how are smaller search engines suppose to compete? Charles Michael of knows how: the same way doctors make themselves more valuable: they specialize., part of Mbrasilla Telecom Corporation, is a search engine founded with the purpose of providing individuals and companies around the world with easy-to-access information on EU. By focusing on one specific area of the world, provides something most search engines don't have: highly targeted search capabilities.

"There's no need to thrust a bunch of meaningless information at visitors with each search," says Charles Michael. "People today are usually pressed in a hurry, and don't have time to dig through the superfluous information that comes with each search. focuses on quality rather than quantity, enabling visitors to find exactly what they are looking for in a timely manner."

We also provide other targeted search engines that emphasize United States & Canada, Australia & New Zealand and United Kingdom & Ireland (ezilon search, ezilon Australia/New Zealand and ezilon UK & Ireland respectively). The link for each search engine is placed at the base of each search engine making it possible for users at each region to use it and look for information pertaining to other countries we cover. has one unique feature that enables non-English speaking EU countries to do business in English and vice versa. This unique network of ezlion search engines accepts website submissions in English language only from European Union member countries, and from websites around the world containing information pertaining to EU, USA & Canada, UK & Ireland and Australia & New Zealand. The ezilon network search engines offer the same variety of search capabilities as major search engines, as well as classified ads, popular links, headline news and "What's Cool" section providing links to websites chosen for unique, interesting and relevant contents.

Our goal is to provide targeted localized quality information to the visitors seeking information pertaining to the above areas covered by network of search engines.