i-MARK Announces a Website-based Sales Lead System for Manufacturers

HARTFORD, Conn., August 16, 2004 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- i-MARK, Inc., an Application Service Provider (ASP) and a leader in Sales Process Automation (SPA) solutions for manufacturers, announced today the availability of a new Lead Processing Solution. According to Del Merenda, i-MARK's President and CEO, "If manufacturers are perplexed by their disappearing leads, they need to look no further than their own websites to find them. B2B buyers, captivated by the Internet's instant access, now use popular search engines to find manufacturers' websites containing information about the products they need. Merenda asserts, "Manufacturers who do not trap and act upon these visits, are handing over profitable new business to their competitors on a silver platter!"

Aware that manufacturers require a steady flow of quality leads to meet revenue targets and sensing that buyers were starting to turn to the Internet for product information, i-MARK released its FastTRACK/SALES™ to help manufacturers address these issues. Designed to integrate with any website and/or on-line product catalog, FastTRACK harvests buyer interests and preferences during visits to manufacturers' websites, then automatically organizes and instantly disseminates high-quality leads to specified Sales Reps, Agents and Distributors to follow-up and make the sale.

Rick LaBash, i-MARK's Managing Director of Business Development added, "Sales and Marketing Directors with whom I've been speaking are voicing considerable frustration about disappearing new buyers. Their leads from trade shows, print, and direct mail are dropping off rapidly, giving concern that their sales channels are not receiving nearly enough good leads to support their growth and profitability goals."

In announcing FastTRACK, i-MARK's Merenda cited its particular importance to those who've purchased CRM and SFA software. He stated, "Traditional lead sources are drying up and sales pipelines are shrinking. Manufacturers need a new source for leads to fill-up these expensive CRM systems with qualified leads. Leads are the fuel for CRM; manufacturers' websites are the tank for that fuel; and FastTRACK fuels-up the tank."

Merenda added, "Two of our long-term customers, Emhart Teknologies, a division, Black & Decker; and Boston Gear and Warner Electric, Colfax Corporation companies have successfully made the transition to Internet lead capture. Their results have been nothing short of stunning. One Customer report that their cost-per-lead has dropped from over $250 using traditional lead sources, to under $1, thanks to the Internet. And in the process, they have sold millions of dollars worth of products, and have significantly reduced spending on non-productive lead-capture services." Merenda closed by stating, "I'm so confident that the Internet has become the most productive source of quality new leads, if FastTRACK does not add 30% more leads to a manufacturers' pipeline or give their sales at least a 10% boost, I'll give them their money back!"

Targeting medium-to-large manufacturers, FastTRACK sells for $25,000. i-MARK claims that FastTRACK solutions can be deployed in two months, and that manufacturers can achieve a full return on their investment sixty days following commercial release through a resulting increase in sales. i-MARK also offers to host Customer websites that are FastTRACK-enabled, and to provide them with Search Engine Optimization services and Urchin 5 Web Analytics software that are included with the hosting service.

About i-MARK, Inc.

i-MARK offers Internet-based Sales Process Automation solutions to manufacturers, helping them to attract new customers and spend less to better serve existing customers. i-MARK's industry-leading software delivers parametric search and configuration-based interactive Product Catalogs, a sales quote-to-order system for complex products and assemblies, a lead management system, and sales order management for both end-customers and distributors. For more information about i-MARK, visit www.imark.com.