Global Video Marketing Expert Introduces New Platform to Maximize Marketing Efforts on YouTube

Clipster Offers Brands and Marketers the Opportunity to Create Custom YouTube Gadgets

BREDA, THE NETHERLANDS--(Marketwired) - Clipster, specialist in video marketing solutions, today announced the availability of a new, upgraded platform that helps companies create powerful video channels to enhance their brand and tailored video content. Clipster has already assisted numerous brands and agencies worldwide to create, manage and monitor their custom brand channels on the most popular video site YouTube. The new platform is a more complete product that allows brands to increase their engagement, optimize their video channel on YouTube and boost their marketing efforts.

Key new features that allow for creative freedom include drag and drop components, hundreds of new options to control look-and-feel, optional quick start templates, centralized asset management, campaign management, full control of the responsive design and options for custom client components with endless possibilities. Large enterprises like EMC, Rokenbok, Unilever and Lufthansa already use Clipster as their solution of choice to increase views, subscriptions and conversations on their YouTube channels.

The Next Level In Video Marketing
Brands are already aware of the value of a social media marketing campaign. Many are now realizing the importance of video branding with YouTube. Video channel pages with YouTube, the acknowledged leader, have proven to be much more stable than traditional social media networking sites. The top 200 leading brands are already investing in video as an integral part of their marketing efforts to enhance customer engagement and user experience.

"We believe brand management goes well beyond traditional marketing," said Loek Wermenbol, CEO at Clipster. "Over 6 billion hours of video are watched on YouTube every month and over 100 hours of content are uploaded every minute. It is critical that businesses understand the power of video and how simple it can be to take creative control of their brand marketing experience."

Driving Engagement With Branded Channel Designs
Clipster offers brands and marketers a complete solution for their video marketing needs. It makes the creating, editing and managing of custom video channels quickly and easy. The tool works with a drag and drop system that doesn't require any coding, which means brands and agencies can cut IT costs and better utilize internal teams. Clipster allows users to take complete creative control over their brand channel on YouTube, as it's a self-service product. The platform works quickly and efficiently to give users freedom to develop and edit their own unique gadgets, as well as edit channel components even while their campaign is running.

The outcome is a better professional video channel with a brand's key marketing messages included upfront. Branded channels have been proven to increase total video views, watch time, channel subscriptions and engagement in conversations and more importantly, positively affect conversions. In-depth analytics help brands to stay focused on trends and adjust marketing campaigns to optimize their company's influence.

About Clipster
Founded in 2012 by Dutch industry veterans, Bram and Loek Wermenbol and Peter Sinke, Clipster was the world's first social video engagement company. As the best solution in the industry, Clipster facilitates professional brand video channel development for the most popular video sites available.

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