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Summer Camps Heating up with Marketing

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by Adam Groff
May 18, 2015

Adam Groff

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Summertime means camps all across the country are once again opening for business.

As a result, summer camp coordinators have been busy marketing their summer programs to parents everywhere.

With camping adventure in mind, here are just a few ways summer camps are heating up their marketing plans for the summer season:


Camp Websites

Just because camping is all about roughing it in the great outdoors, that doesn't mean summer camps can't be a little tech savvy.

In fact, camps all across the country are creating websites where parents can learn more about camping programs.


Having an informative, easy to navigate website is one of the best marketing tools for summer camps. Camp websites are easy to share via online marketing, email marketing, and mobile marketing.

Many camps are taking their sites a step further by allowing parents to sign up and pay for summer camp through the site.

By allowing parents to pick dates online as well as choose bunkmates and pay through trusted sites like PayPal, camps all across the country are increasing attendance rates.


Online Summer Camp Reviews

If you've ever sent a child off to summer camp, then you probably already know how stressful the first few days can be.

As the following article looks at, fortunately, checking online summer camp reviews is the stress-free way to get your kids to camp and know they're safe.

Summer camps are encouraging parents to leave reviews on online review websites like Yelp with detailed descriptions of their children's camp experiences.

These reviews are helping parents in search of summer camps make better-informed decisions before sending their children off to camp.


Social Media Marketing

Social media sites like Facebook are the perfect resource when it comes to researching summer camps near you. Just about every established summer camp out there now has a Facebook page where they post pictures of campers having a blast.

The world of social media has quickly become a marketing tool for businesses of all kinds and summer camps are no exception.

By posting summer camp photos as well as encouraging parents to post questions and comments, summer camps are gaining a social presence as well as increasing their marketing presence.




Marketing on a Local Level

Although many summer camps are now building websites and using online marketing to increase awareness about their programs, local marketing is still an effective approach.

Camps are still distributing brochures and flyers on a local level as well as posting flyers at community centers.

Likewise, summer camps are taking advantage of word-of-mouth advertising by encouraging parents to spread the word about their excellent programs with friends and family.


Summer Camp Blogging

Alongside camp websites, many summer camp coordinators, counselors, and staff members are blogging about their programs. These blogs are great marketing tools as well as helpful resources for parents looking for more in-depth information on summer programs.

Blogs make it easy for summer camps to share daily logs on the summer camp experience.

Likewise, blogs give parents a firsthand look into summer camp programs through pictures, videos, and detailed descriptions of activities.


When you're ready to send your children off to camp, take advantage of all the informative summer camp marketing avenues above.


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