6 Tips To Grow Your Traffic With Guest Blogging In 2022

Yes, this used to be very true for several years before Google came up with the Penguin update, motivating guest blogging to finally evolve, and that too drastically. Once upon a time, guest posting was a space for crude articles and annoying spammers. Google’s update literally went to war, killing off spam like a pro with their updated algorithm.


Soon, there was space for a more qualitative style of guest posting - one that could help increase website traffic. At the same time, it is crucial to understand that Google has no particular hatred for guest posting. In fact, the backlash from the search engine was a product of the backlink overload inside any type of irrelevant, meaningless content.


Thus, let’s find out how you can use guest posts to increase your website traffic in 2022!

6 Tips To Grow Your Traffic With Guest Blogging In 2022:

So without wasting any further time, scroll down and find out how to increase your traffic with successful guest blogging!

1. Understand The Value Guest Blogging Bring To The Table:

If you don’t understand the value guest posts add to your site, how will you ever find the right guest blogger! Figure out which guest blogger benefits you. Since your aim, in this case, is to focus on increasing your website traffic, it is imperative to understand that any blogger who has a loyal section of the audience is perfect for your site.


All the guest blogging sites are alive because the bloggers writing for them all have dedicated followings of their own, which is exactly what you have to tap. Find out whether the bloggers creating guest posts for you have followings of their own - if they don’t, it is wise to find someone who has that sort of a following.

2. Determine Your Goals

Let’s assume your guest blogging goal is increasing your website traffic. In that case, approaching someone who can add value in terms of boosting your site traffic is the smartest way to find the right guest bloggers for your site.


Similarly, if you are opting for someone excellent at affiliate marketing, your goal, in that case, should be to primarily promote affiliate links via your site and not just increase traffic. If goals can be different, your approach can be to finding the right guest bloggers. 

3. Finding The Perfect Pitch

Yes, we are sorry, but first impressions do count, especially if you have to select based on the quality of pitches. And you will receive several pitches. It is likely that most pitches will end up in your trashes, and as a result, you might end up exhausted, selecting some undeserving blogger in the process.


You can identify the perfect pitch based on the metrics given below.

  • Is the pitch short?
  • Is the pitch easy and simple to read?
  • Is the pitch addressed right?
  • Does the pitch have GIFs or any other creative additions?
  • Is the pitch an interesting teaser or a one-size-fits email?

4. Focus Towards Building Relationships That Last

As website owner, you are bound to receive several guest blogging requests and pitches. It is only natural you will end up deleting most of those pitches. But then you will eventually come across that one pitch, perfectly crafted to hook your attention. This is your guest blogger, the one that you have been looking for!


There should be mutual interest and benefits for such relationships to progress and last. This is because going through hundreds of pitches every time might not be a time-saving idea. Instead, you can ask your favorite guest blogger to craft a post just the way you like it.

5. Do Some Background Research

Without any solid groundwork about your selected guest bloggers, how can you even think of proceeding? The best thing you can do in this context is to do some much-needed background research, making things more convenient for you and your websites. And not just for now but also for the future.


Check out the kind of work the guest bloggers have done in the past. Their experience in blog promotion and their subsequent expertise in the same. Before taking any decision, closely analyze all vital factors.

6. Always Opt For Topics That Will Benefit Your Websites

What’s the point of opting for guest blogging if the content doesn’t align with your site’s content? To get successful results from guest posting, you need to be very particular about selecting topics in the same context.


Without the right topics, right optimization, and the right guest blogger, you can forget your ultimate goal in the context - to increase your website traffic.

Wrapping Up:

Just like any other thing in the world, it is perfectly realistic to learn how to do successful guest blogging. As long as you are determined to follow the right advice and put in the right amount of hard work, you can easily grow your traffic via guest posting in 2022!


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