Social / 24.08.2018

How to Measure Social Media Marketing Performance

by Michelle Hummel

Social media is something that businesses of all sizes should be using. Social channels make it possible to reach people ...

Social / 15.08.2018

3 Steps to Create A Winning Social Media Marketing Strategy

by Daniel Paul

Till a few years back, you could get away with no social media strategy so long you had your presence ...

Social / 15.08.2018

7 Tactics to Turn Your Social Media Followers Into Customers

by Joe Peters

Forbes reports that companies continue to spend more on social media each year, increasing commitment levels significantly over the least ...

Social / 11.07.2018

Passion: Social Media

by Ann Abad

In fast arising technology, seems like everyone is hooked up with socializing in the air. Yes! In the air, because ...

Social / 09.07.2018

Social Media as a Part of Modern Society

by Mohit Patil

The scale and impact of social media on our lives is nothing short of revolutionary. Its expansive and endless status ...

Social / 04.07.2018

Measure Social Media Success With Google UTM Tags

by Elena Velikova

Believe it or not, putting Google Analytics to work for you is not a complicated task. Actually, it’s quite simple ...

Social / 29.06.2018

Five Reasons Small Businesses Should Use Social Media to Market Their Businesses

by Jenifer Paoul

Social Networking sites have taken over today’s world. From what was started merely for entertainment, today these websites provide a ...

Social / 23.05.2018

Why Is Social Media So Important for Your Business Today?

by Alyssa Johnson

Have you ever wondered what makes your business tick in the today’s global environment? The development of the Internet gave ...

Social / 22.05.2018

How social media influences sports

If you are not a fan of any sports, chances are, your Facebook news feed is probably full of photos ...

Social / 03.05.2018

Social Media Can Be a Powerful Tool for Local Franchise Marketing

by Michelle Hummel

As a result of this realization, many franchise operations are making significant investments to help train and educate their owners ...