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5 Easiest-to-use Team Meeting Apps

by Steve Dosan November 29, 2016
Which meeting app to choose for your team among the several products available on the market? Simplicity and reliability are the two leading criteria to stick to, as nobody likes a tool too complicated or so full of technical issues that it is necessary to call the support every moment. To help you, here comes a selection of 5 best products.

Advanced PR: Getting Your Press Release to Somebody Who Cares

by Jessica Cox and Michelle Pierce September 21, 2007
Newspapers, both online and print, are inundated with hundreds of press releases every day. With that kind of capacity, you've really got to make sure that yours stands out from the pack if you want it to catch the eye of the editors and make it in front of their readership.

PR And Press Releases: Why You Can't Succeed Without Them

by Terry Detty May 16, 2007
Many people do not know it, but in the present world we know today, no significant adverting or marketing campaign will work without Public Relations or PR. There are many solid reasons for this.

Write Your Way To More Traffic

by Dornessa Harris April 21, 2007
There is never a guarantee to reaching the top of the search engines. However, being able to write, will definitely improve the chances of ones site reaching the top of the Google, Yahoo and MSN. Learning to write press releases, blogs and articles are the cheapest most inexpensive ways to get the

10 Tips to Ensure Your Press Release is Published

by Laurie Dart February 28, 2007
One of the best ways to inform your customers and potential customers about your business is by submitting press releases. The key to getting them published is grabbing the attention of the reporter. Follow the tips listed above and you’ll ensure your press release stays out of the trash can.

3 Advantages of Using Electronic Press Releases

by Matt Hockin November 22, 2006
A simple 1-page press release can be the most powerful marketing tool in your arsenal. Here are my top 3 reasons for using electronic news releases…

Distributing Press Releases to Search Engine Optimize Your Website Content

by Mark Nenadic May 19, 2006
It is becoming common knowledge that a website that expects to get the most out of its search engine results must search engine optimize its content in order to achieve the highest possible ranking.

How to Write a Press Release

by Deborah Crawford January 27, 2005
Basic tips for writing a press release.

PRESS RELEASE - Tremendous Free Publicity for your Product: Part 1

by Madhu Kumar October 19, 2003
Entrepreneurs! You are trying several ways to reach people with your product. You might have tried free methods like free online & ezine ads, posting to FFAs, start page programs, banner exchanges and many more.


by Madhu Kumar October 16, 2003
The media editors are receiving hundreds (even thousands) of Press Releases daily and they have no much time to spend on each one. First of all, they look at the head line and if it is interesting, they go through the body of your PR.

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